Chocolate Peanut Clusters

Tis the season for testing your willpower and avoiding all temptations of holiday desserts. . .that is until you see a recipe you have to try! Something that calls for chocolate and peanuts prepared in a crock pot sounded right up my alley and I’m already regretting making these amazing chocolate peanut clusters!

Earlier this week I went to Publix to get all the ingredients and spent a good 10 minutes trying to find the German chocolate and almond bark.  Literally staring in the candy aisle checking out every creamy, chocolatey, amazing piece of sweet goodness the grocery store had to offer. I’m not a sweets lover and had no idea of there were so many options, everything BUT German chocolate and almond bark.  🙄

So I ran to Walmart during lunch and I have to admit that I automatically go in to the store with a negative attitude because the one closest to my office is probably the dirtiest one in town. This time I actually had a good experience, people were extremely friendly and I felt extremely guilty for all the negative thoughts I was having.

Anyway . . .on to the actual recipe which was so easy (I even made after a few margaritas on Taco Tuesday 😝)


  • 16 ounces of dry roasted peanuts
  • 4 ounces of German chocolate
  • 12 ounces of semisweet chocolate chips
  • 24 ounces of almond bark



  1. Place the ingredients in the crock pot in the order listed above (Peanuts, German Chocolate, Chocolate Chips, almond bark).
  2. Cover with a paper towel to prevent the chocolate from lumping together and put the lid on top.
  3.  Cook on low for one hour.
  4. Stir.
  5. Cover with the paper towel again and place the lid on top.
  6. Cook on low for another 15 minutes.
  7. Place parchment paper on a cookie sheet and drop spoonfuls of the clusters on the parchment paper.
  8. Let cool for 2-3 hours

This is such an easy holiday recipe to take to a party, to use as a hostess gift or to make your own holiday basket! Recipe makes approximately 4 dozen – depending how big the clusters.


Easy Peasy! 


Ugly Christmas Sweater

A friend of mine decided to do an Ugly Sweater Bar Crawl out at the beach for her 30th birthday so I had a genius (using that term extremely facetiously) idea to make my own ugly sweater.

$42 in supplies

5 hours lost on a rainy Saturday

Compliments Received: PRICELESS

Let me start by saying: I am not creative AT ALL, but it was a rainy Saturday and I figured I had some time to test my creativity! I went to Walmart because I figured they’d have the best selection of gaudy Christmas stuff and I was RIGHT!  After spending an hour grazing the aisles and fraternizing with the people of Walmart I found everything I needed.

(Side note:  I saw a meme the other day that said “It would be great if Walmart added an upper level observation deck with a full bar” SO TRUE – I’d spend some time there! 😂)

SUPPLIES:  One long sleeved red shirt (one would think “It’s Florida, why would I want to wear a sweater?” Well, joke was on me, temps got down to 30 degrees!!!!) garland, tassel, cheesy ornaments, iron-on letters, small Christmas tree skirt, and of course a star!

Step 1: I already screwed up – supposed to wash the shirt before iron-on letters, I didn’t have time for that, so straight to ironing I went. . .screw up #2:  I’m not sure what I did and really don’t want to admit what I know I did wrong, but basically I lost some letters.

Step 2: Put garland on shirt – screw up #3:  I attempted to use fabric glue for this portion – dumb idea!  Basically the garland did not want to stick to the fabric glue and I spent way too much time trying to get it to stick and I’m still peeling glue off my fingers! Better off using safety pins, which is what I ended up doing for half the tree and you couldn’t even see them! (This would’ve saved me SO MUCH time!)

Step 3: Use the fabric glue to put the skirt on the tree, wrap the ornaments around the garland and use safety pins to put the tassel on the sleeves  – FINALLY something that didn’t result in a screw-up.

Step 4: HOW DO I PUT THE DAMN STAR AT THE TOP, I still don’t have an answer to this, but I used ribbon and safety pins to tie it in tightly. Screw up #4: Star fell off at some point during the night!

Step 5: Use ribbon to tie candy canes to the back – I made lots of friends with this simple idea throughout the night! Even got offered a drink for one, I happily did not accept

Step 6: Put the shirt on, that was a task in itself – I needed someone to help with this, I lost some candy canes and became trapped in my shirt, but managed to survive and glad no one was there to witness this!


The night was a blast, my uber driver got a kick out of seeing me waiting for her in all my glory, I received lots of compliments on my outfit and really enjoyed looking at all the other ugly sweaters! By the end of the night, I lost my tassel on my right shoulder and my star, but I gained lights for my tree! My tree kept falling off, but thankfully I brought extra safety pins.

LESSON LEARNED:  Would’ve been much easier/cheaper if I would’ve bought one, but proud to said it was handmade and a Pip original! Fortunately I got a new vacuum on Black Friday, so I actually enjoy vacuuming up all the remnants of my outfit 😝

Over Cocktails

Well since I missed last week, this post may be a bit long-winded – but let’s face it, that’s nothing new with me!

Day Before Thanksgiving – I’m not sure what made it so great this year, but it was absolutely fantastic. It started on Wednesday night with a dinner at my brothers sister-in-laws house and she’s so great and assigns everyone something to bring.  I get the fortunate benefit of bringing wine and I am not complaining because I work that day and let’s face it, everyone loves the girl who brings wine!


BELIVE IT OR NOT, I went to a Pure Barre Intensive class (75 minutes)  – no, this year, I did not go to Pete’s Bar or sit outside and watch the half marathon runners run by while I have mimosa in hand. (Some will say this was because of the rain, but I signed up way before the forecast and apparently I’m growing up!!!)

Don’t get me wrong, mimosas were poured directly after class – WARNING:  I didn’t even shower before I had one 😳

We then went over to my aunt/uncle’s house and I was in charge of appetizers – again, another hit to the party because people (ahem, me!) come hungry and immediately looking for appetizers! Plus, I love it because I get to bring what I want – WIN/WIN!!! (Deviled eggs and brie pastry cups FOR-THE-WIN!)

Pay no attention to the wine-stained lips/teeth!

BLACK FRIDAY: In case you couldn’t tell by the wine stained lips/teeth above, I was in no condition to drive home on Thanksgiving, so I stayed at my parents house and woke up to read the Black Friday deals, I have NEVER been a Black Friday shopper (crowds are not my thing!) BUT as I was looking through the ads,  I saw the Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner on sale from $500 to $300 and was about to purchase ONLINE from Best Buy and my mom said I should check Bed Bath and Beyond to get an additional 20% off and IT WORKED! I got a $500 Vacuum for $256 delivered directly to my door and I didn’t even leave the house! The Dyson arrived Tuesday night and I have never been so excited to set it up and start vacuuming.  Is this what 36 feels like?!?! 

WEEKEND: Saturday and Sunday – I had the unfortunate benefit of watching my two favorite teams (Florida Gators and Jacksonville Jaguars) lose in football. But at least I was in good company. On Sunday, I got the entire family to meet me at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Jags for a pre-birthday celebration.  It was so nice to have everyone around, even if it was a LOSS.

Two other bonuses to my weekend include:

Saturday: Lunch date with one of my best friends from Atlanta, we sat outside at ZETA and I’m going to go on record and say their brunch was PHENOMENAL!!

Sunday: I got to meet this little guy (a whopping two weeks old) and catch up with his momma for a couple hours!  💙💙IMG_6777.jpg

MONDAY aka MY BIRTHDAY!!! I have always been “that” person who embedded my birthday in my friends/family members heads NOVEMBER 27th, so it came as no surprise when I tried to send out a “let’s catch up over drinks on Monday ” text to my friends, they all knew that it was really a reason to get together and celebrate my birthday – even though in all honesty, there were plenty of other things to be celebrated! I had some of my best friends join me at Cowford Chophouse for happy hour and appetizers and the weather/views were fantastic! I’ve known most of these girls more than half my life and feel so fortunate that they will all be life-long friends!


On another side note – I have always been an avid TODAY show viewer, watch it every morning as I’m getting dressed for work.  The news broke this week about Matt Lauer getting fired for sexual misconduct. Obviously I am reading these news stories VERY INTENTLY and without getting into the scandal itself,  I am absolutely dumfounded by how many people have such horrible grammar/spelling when commenting on these stories!! I cannot understand how people will have so much to say, but say it so incredibly stupid for ANYONE to read! That’s my rant for the day!


White Oak Conservation

First and foremost, I cannot do this facility justice in my review – it was ABSOLUTELY amazing and words cannot express how much I enjoyed this experience! A few months ago I read an article in the Jacksonville magazine about White Oak Conservation which is one of the top conservation facilities in the world.  They specialize in breeding, researching and training various species including rhinos, okapi, giraffes, cheetahs and plenty more that I’ve never heard of and certainly couldn’t spell! It is situated on 13,000 acres in Yulee, just south of the Georgia border and is home to more than 450 animals (including the largest population of cheetahs in the US)!

I asked my friend Kari if she’d be interested in going with me and without hesitation she agreed! We were waiting for the weather to cool down a bit before we set out on our adventure, and of course I used my birthday as an excuse to take the day off work and schedule a tour. Tours are only offered on Wednesdays and Fridays and last about 2-2.5 hours. (However, it is my understanding that they will schedule a tour on Saturday every now and then)


After driving about 20 minutes on a dirt road and getting multiple “are you sure we’re going the right way” questions from Kari, we arrived at the dance studio. A dance studio in the midst of this huge animal conservation area?!?! YEP – that’s right. . .apparently (if my memory serves me correct) the previous owner was friends with Mikhail Baryshnikov (famous for ballet dancing or if you’re like me, famous for his role he played in Sex in the City” – this proves that I need to be more cultured!)  Baryshnikov hosted many performances at White Oak including, among others, the American Ballet Theatre.

It was an absolutely amazing day – there was not a cloud in the sky and the high was 80 degrees! It was PERFECT!!!! We set out for our “Safari” tour in an open trolley-type bus with our two guides who were extremely knowledgeable.  Brendan comes from South Africa where he studies rhinos and Stephanie has been working at the conservation for 20+ years, she told me the exact time frame, but apparently I should have taken better notes!


Open trolley-type bus and our amazing and extremely knowledgeable tour guides

First stop was the rhinos and immediately I was beside myself, especially when we got to get out of the trolley and PET THEM! Never did I ever think I would be able to say I’ve pet a rhino AND take a picture with one! The best part was every now and then we’d be talking and Stephanie would be like “Careful, horn to your left and a rhino would be coming up behind us – just curious, not aggressive at all!!!”



Just a momma and her 300 pound baby!!!

Then we stopped by to see the unlikely pairing of two best friends – a cat and a dog.  Coming from a cat/dog household, I know good and well this is not common – it is extremely rare for me to get my two in the same room without chasing after the other! BUT, these two have been best friends since the beginning because the cheetah lost its sibling right after birth and they brought in an Anatolian Shepherd to be its companion. (They are now 10 years old!)

Image may contain: tree, outdoor and nature

I pulled this picture from the White Oak Conservation Facebook page (I hope they won’t mind) but it shows the two of them together and when I was there, they were doing their own thing so I didn’t get a good picture!

(We also passed by a cheetah with its four cubs just lounging around!) 

Next up through Safari-land, we passed by some gazelle’s, horses, asses, zebras and plenty of other animals that I have never heard of – including this little guy that was only three weeks old and was hiding thinking we couldn’t see him!  So incredibly cute, it reminded me of the beginning of Bambi (even though I don’t think it was a deer) but with the wobbly little/scrawny legs! Wobly

THEN MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE – I was literally like a little kid and could not wipe the ear-to-ear smile off my face!  WE GOT TO FEED THE GIRAFFE!!! This was something I was hoping to do  – sure I’ve done it at the zoo, but this was different, I was on the ground, not on a platform at their level and Stephanie told us to hold on to it tight and let them tug it out of our hands –  they were basically pulling me up to get it – it was AMAZING! I could’ve done it all day! Is it weird that I got excited that one accidentally licked my hand while grabbing the twig?






Last stop was the Okapi, again an animal I had never heard of until I started researching White Oak, but this endangered species is most closely related to the giraffe believe it or not, even though it has stripes and you’d assume it would be a zebra.





In case you couldn’t tell by my excitement – this tour was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and I’d highly recommend it to anyone!  It cost $100/adult; $50/children 3-10 and worth every penny ! I’d be open to going again anytime with anyone!!! They even have a safari from the saddle tour which I’d love to do next!!!


Kari on the bridge over the St. Mary’s River on our way out!

NASCAR Racing Experience

A couple weeks ago, I was on my way down to Daytona for a client event at the Daytona International Speedway to do the NASCAR Racing Experience.  We did the Kings Experience – which was (2) 8 minute sessions of driving a NASCAR race car by yourself! (Yes, by yourself, NO ONE in the car with you)

I wasn’t planning on driving (hence the flip-flops) until we were checking in and I asked if I needed to sign the paperwork since I wasn’t driving;  when all of a sudden, I hear “No Pippin, you’re driving!”

Ummmm….what?!?! I’m in FLIP-FLOPS!!!  I can’t drive, I haven’t mentally prepared myself, I haven’t even updated my living will!!!  Plus, I’m the only female – I can’t compete against 12 men!  But apparently there was no question – I WAS DRIVING!

So after watching a ten minute video (yep ten minutes was all it took to learn how to drive a race car and escape if needed), it was time to get suited up!



I was relieved when I realized we went out in groups of 3-4 and not everyone was on the track at the same time.  However, I was not relieved when the first group came back and a girl (who was not in our group) was crying because she was so overwhelmed from the experience and I was wondering what I got myself into!

They found me shoes and someone’s dirty socks and I was in the first pairing to go out from our group. Once my helmet was on and I was walking to my car, they took me away saying they had to change the tires.  That didn’t leave me feeling very comfortable knowing that there were new tires on and I was praying they tightened the lug nuts properly (I googled that – I have no idea how to change a tire!)

Thankfully, I didn’t stall on my way out of pit road (as a side note, I always thought it was pit row) and I actually impressed myself and others at how well I did! First session of eight minutes, I felt oddly comfortable, I’m assuming it’s because I have a bit of a lead foot (which my dad often yells at me about) but it was an ABSOLUTE blast! I enjoyed the turns the most, they are extremely steep and four stories high – WHO KNEW?!?! And each turn I found myself being more and more adventurous.

The most intimidating fact is that your head cannot move one way or the other and you have to fully trust the person in your ear that is guiding you – hoping no car is coming up to your left as you fly out of pit road. Since I’m so short, I had to be pushed  up in my seat so much that I had to keep bending down to see my RPM’s and I may or may not have gotten in trouble by my guide as I was told to slow down a few times (but in my defense, I couldn’t see the gauge)!

Nascar 1

That’s me – with my thumb up!

After my first eight minute session, I was sitting in the car all harnessed in and had my cell phone in my pocket – I asked the guy in pit road if I could pull it out to take a quick selfie.  If you know me at all, I am NOT selfie taker, but this time I felt it was necessary!

Nascar 3

There was a guy in our group, that didn’t go on his second eight minute session saying he was terrified, glad he did it, but he will never do it again!

Unfortunately, we still have not gotten our results, which is highly frustrating and they keep claiming that they are having computer issues and working with IT to fix.  It has been 11 days and I fear we will not get them, but I know that I did more than 5,200 RPMs (whatever that means!)

Overall, it was a great experience and I’d highly recommend it to anyone! I think it is necessary to go at least twice, that way you can learn from your mistakes from the first time.  However, they have all sorts of packages and we actually watched someone go off with a professional which seemed like it would be a ton of fun as well!

Nascar 2

Obligatory photo with the Daytona sign behind – even with HELMET HAIR!

Over Cocktails

This week has been C-R-A-Z-Y, so crazy that I had my parents pick up Olivia to watch her because I had so much going on, but DON’T get me wrong – it was a BLAST!  So for today, I’m doing a “Week in Review”

MONDAY:  I went to one of my favorite local restaurants for happy hour, Orsay.  I was fortunate enough to meet up with an old friend and catch up over cocktails and some amazing appetizers which included pommes frites (and I don’t speak fancy, so I had to Google how to spell it and I’m not going to lie, while I was at the restaurant and before anyone got there, I Googled to make sure they were French Fries!)  Regardless, it was so nice to catch up and I wish I had more time – AND a picture, guess the wine kicked in too soon and convo was nonstop that I failed to take one!

TUESDAY: Went to one of my other favorites in town – WICKED BARLEY; it’s a brewery so I’m sure this shocks anyone who knows me.  But this was a special reason.  I went with two of my long time best friends and we paint on unfinished wood.  Typically, these things NEVER turn out good for me, I am by NO MEANS an artist, but I was pleasantly surprised at how these turned out!  I may be doing this for all my Christmas gifts (not sure yet, as I feel a bit selfish doing it, but I have fun with it and I think it would be nice for family to have something specialized by yours truly – sorry in advance if you’re a family member and you get a Pip Masterpiece).   all girls

WEDNESDAY: Pure Barre VIP Event – they had me at champagne.  This was a VIP event for anyone who has made it past 100 classes and we had a blast!  There was a professional photographer there, so I made sure to have my best form.  (Pictures below are not from professional) But they had cupcakes AND champagne afterward and a special bag for all who attended.  It was a very nice evening!

THURSDAY:  Will have a post all its own, but in short:


Full post of this fun event next!

FRIDAY:  Hair appointment – much needed . . .and happy hour to show it off afterward.

Weekend plans include BRUVAL and Jags game!!! I’m already exhausted just thinking about it!!!!

Did I mention I worked this week 😉 

Over Cocktails

  1. This week seemed to have all the emotions from extremely high-highs to the lowest of lows and there’s no reason whatsoever for the vast differences. . .could be stresses at work, catching up with someone I truly care about and/or lack of sleep because these animals STILL DON’T GET THE TIME CHANGE THING!!!  But as I was looking through my TimeHop, I came across this picture exactly two years ago:

    (yup, that’s me driving the largest, longest Uhaul truck with everything I own – SCARY!!!!)

    And I remember it being an extremely difficult week for reasons not worth getting into, but I was in a funk and couldn’t snap out of it UNTIL I walked past someone and they gave me the biggest/nicest ear-to-ear smile and I kept thinking about how that little (big) smile really made my day.  So I went in to the office and encouraged everyone to smile at someone else.  I had a full-on conversation with about four coworkers in the break room and pestered them the rest of the day to see if they smiled at a stranger. Who knows if they did, but it made me feel better!

  2. Apparently I’m not the only one who saw the matching pjs for the dog/human on FabDog – I went home to measure Olivia and Andora to figure what size to get them and the next day they were already sold out.  Coworkers were telling me it was a blessing in disguise, but I think it’s so incredibly cute and I may actually be inclined to send out Christmas photos if I could get them to pose in a picture with me.  (last attempt below: IMG_1822
    PS. I’m also the one who wants to having matching pjs with my entire family and if they would do it, I would 110% purchase them!!! 
  3. I’ve had an extremely busy week this week, but I was able to get out and meet a new friend – we met from the app that I discussed last week and it turns out she’s really cool.  We had a nice time, went to Mellow for a couple (ok, three) glasses of wine and talked a lot. We have a lot in common and I’m certain we’ll hang out again! She seems to be a lot like me – we have very similar pasts and personality traits seem to be the same with the same of morals!
  4. Now on to another exciting weekend ahead.  Dinner tonight, exciting/fun wedding tomorrow night and FINGERS CROSSED for another Jags home win on Sunday!


Can’t beat a weekend like this . . .

I need more weekends like this, it was so much fun – I CANNOT complain!!!  Not only was I was able to get everything accomplished, spend time with family and friends and actually feel well rested – THE JAGS GOT A WIN AT HOME!!!! The permasmile could not be wiped from my face 😃

It started out meeting my parents and a few of my aunts/uncles at a local Mexican restaurant on Friday night (if you know me at all, you know Mexican and Margaritas bring an insta-smile to my face!)  We made small talk with the lady next to us about an appetizer she ordered and next thing you know, she said goodbye to us and bought us the appetizer to us to try!  It’s amazing how the smallest gestures can mean the most and make the biggest impact! IMG_6526

The next morning I went to the post office to inquire about the $100 money order that I found a month prior.  The clerk told me it was basically mine and I could do what I wanted with it, something clicked in her head at that moment and said that she recalls a lady coming in approximately a month prior visibly upset that she had lost a money order and she told her she’d put in an inquiry, but doubt anything would happen b/c she didn’t have any record to claim it. I left the money order with the clerk and hoping she was able to reach the lady who lost it.

I then met up with one of my long time best friends and we took her kids to watch the air show on the river. I get little-girl-giddy at air shows watching the bi-planes in the distance do their stunts and the Blue Angels flying directly over us.  A few beers, great show and amazing weather made this the perfect afternoon. IMG_6583.PNG

Afterward, we dropped her kids off at their friends house and jumped on the scooter to a festival in an historic neighborhood that the city is working hard to revitalize. (Yep, two 30-something females riding a scooter around downtown 😝 – I felt like Dumb & Dumber, but I was laughing the entire way) This was my first time attending Porchfest and it did not disappoint.  The only disappointment was that it was the same weekend as the air show (seriously why does everything fall on the same weekend?) We missed the bands playing on the porches but fortunately, we were able to sit on the lawn and listen to live music in the park afterward!

The next morning I woke up early – not unusual to be awake early, but 5:00am was a bit too much for a Sunday!  But seriously, WIDE AWAKE – UGH!! Yes, this was largely in part to the time change and my animals not getting the memo (I feel for all the parents out there who’s kids didn’t get the memo either) but it was kind of nice to relax on the couch and catch up on tv shows I don’t make time to watch during the week before I had to get dressed to head Downtown for the Jacksonville Jaguars game!

My uncle, aunt and cousin invited me to go to the game with them and we had a blast!  They have a friend who has a BEAUTIFUL place in a high-rise on the river and we tailgated there and took the River Taxi across to the stadium. We sat with a great group of people surrounding us and had so much fun!  PLUS THE JAGS WON – AT HOME!!!  YAYAYAYAY!!! Afterward we enjoyed the city views and sat outside in great conversation!

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend, but this time change is SERIOUSLY KILLING me!!! I went to Pure Barre after work, made dinner, washed my face and I was in my pj’s by 7:00pm – I’m only assuming the last time that happened was this time last year and I DON’T LIKE IT ONE BIT!!!

Over Cocktails

For the last year (in all honesty it’s probably been more) I have been going through a personal struggle that I haven’t expressed to anyone until recently and I’m not sure if it’s because 1) I’m embarrassed 2) I didn’t want to admit it or 3) I’m way too emotional to talk about it; but it is HARD to find friends who are in the same place as me – friends that are not married, don’t have kids and have similar interests.

In reality, I have a TON of great friends and I’m proud to say a lot of them have been and will continue to be life-long. These are the girls that I can easily call up, see what they are doing and have no shame inviting myself to join.  But I need someone who can grab a drink after a bad day without having to make plans in advance or who can go on a random weekend road trip because the weather is amazing and it would be fun to just get away for a bit!

I completely understand that I am a rarity, but figured there has to be other girls that are in the same predicament as myself so. . .I am currently on a quest to find what seems like an impossible mission — a new friend!

I feel like I hit a new low last night – I’m not sure if it’s a low or if it’s the norm – but I went on Bumble to see what kind of girls were in the same predicament as myself.  Bumble is typically a dating website that recently (or at least new-to-me) came out with BumbleBFF to find friends! I figured if so many people find relationships that way, it couldn’t hurt to try to find a friendship!

A screen shot of my BumbleBFF profile below – I’m just saying, I’d want to be friends with me 😉

Wish Me LUCK!!! fullsizeoutput_1486

In the meantime, I have a very exciting weekend ahead that I am in DESPERATE need for after a busy week!!! I am going to watch the airshow and go to Porchfest on Saturday, then Jags game on Sunday. I plan to be outside as much as possible enjoying this amazing weather!!!  HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

Halloween Memories

I’ll admit, I’m the first to have a BAD memory, but something about Halloween brings back some crazy memories. . .maybe it’s the nickname I was called for YEARS (and still called to this day by a certain few) or it’s the beginning of the holiday’s which is always exciting.  Regardless, I wanted to share some of my favorite holiday memories. . .

I remember my mom dressed as a devil and I was HORRIFIED!!! I couldn’t believe my mother, who was an angel (and still is in my eyes), would be dressed as a DEVIL! How could she?!?! She was perfect in my five-year-old-eyes and that is the farthest thing from perfect!!!  Of course now I know it’s all in fun, but funny to think how the innocent (a young naive girl) could think it was such a horrible thing!!


As a baby I’m certain my mother had me all dressed up as a cute little pumpkin or an angel, but this was prior to digital photos, so I have no proof.

First thing I remember is being dressed as a “STAR” in 4th grade (and I use that term very loosely because I’m still not certain what I ACTUALLY was), I just remember the costume was hand made by mom and it was itchy and unique, but I got a lot of compliments out of it and representation in my YEAR BOOK!


Next thing you know I was in a new school (5th grade) and we dressed up and I was a French Maid.  Not sure how a 5th grader went as a FRENCH MAID, but I did and the nickname “FIFI” wasn’t long to follow – it was a name that stuck with me throughout grade school and still haunts me to this day! (For the record:  the term “haunt‘ is used EXTREMELY LOOSELY – I’ve grown accustomed to this name and it’s second nature to me)

Sixth grade came and it was then that I realized I was too old to go trick-or-treating anymore, which was unbelievably sad and hard to comprehend. I was with four girlfriends we all went out, probably way too late, and had a slumber party afterward on a school night and slept in my brothers waterbed (anyone have those anymore?!?!)

There were endless parties after that I am half thankful for not having photos of and many I wish I did because we were damn cute (where are my goldilocks photos?!?!) and have some great stories, but I’ll end on this note: Five years ago, I decided to go out with my friend and his family and I may have had one too many witches stew (not sure what kind of alcohol was in it, but I was feeling good) and this kitten started purr’ing on me and immediately I knew she needed to come home with me. IMG_6518

And here’s my lobster! 😍