Dating, Kindness and Absolutely Nothing

Well I’m back and I have absolutely nothing to say, which means I’m going to ramble on and somehow lose track of time and I apologize in advance when you’ve been reading a post for five minutes and got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING out it! But hey, it beats scrolling through Facebook 😉

I have been on a bit of a writing hiatus and the truth is I haven’t been in the mood to write. How can that even be possible??? Me not have anything to say?  Well as I mentioned in my last post, things aren’t always the way they seem and I put on a happy face even when I’m not so happy! BUT I see a light at the end of the tunnel and each day is getting better and better!  Plus, I’ve found a new show on Netflix that I am binging and to be honest, I would rather be watching it right now, but I have been MIA for far too long! The show is “The Sinner” and I just finished the 5th episode, there’s a total of 8, but it is soooo good.  And that’s saying a lot from someone who doesn’t watch tv, let alone binge tv!!!

Just a follow-up on the whole dating thing, I faulted and got back on a dating app.  I figured I’m new here and need to meet people regardless.  The one I got on is new and I figured why not try it. So it makes it justifiable?  Right? Well I will say, I like it better, there’s no swiping and more information prior to just “matching” with someone. You can see their education, where they’re from, if they have kids and whether they smoke/drink/do drugs.

Plus my dad said I needed to give people more of a shot and I shouldn’t deny someone for the unsolicited selfie that I mentioned before.  Something tells me the reason he’s telling me that is because I get these text messages from him almost nightly – even before the mention of the unsolicited selfie.  (and this is actually a good picture compared to the others!)

So – new dating app, led me to meet a new guy and I went out with him and he actually got a second date – WHHAAATTT?  BUT….that’s as far as he made it, no sense in leading him on if I knew it wasn’t going to go any farther. Why you ask?  He had a weird quirkiness about him (as my sister said, so does every man in our family – ahem, see above), he was a bit needy and made crude comments (which doesn’t typically bother me, but wait until you at least know me for more than two dates!!!)

I talked to other single friends and determined that I may start blogging about some of the horrible dating stories! Don’t get me wrong, dating can be fun – but it’s also EXHAUSTING!!! And in reality, it’s comical – comical how other people live their lives!  My life is by no means perfect, but it’s funny how people can be so vastly different.

Episode 6 is calling my name, but I have to give a shout out to one of my best friends who did the nicest, most thoughtful thing for me. In my last post, I mentioned to do something nice to make someone’s day and THAT-EXACT-THING happened to me the last week.  My friend Ashley is so incredibly thoughtful – she knew I was having a bad week, and somehow finagled a way to send me food!!! Figured out my address, found a restauran in town that delivers and she was definitely speaking my language by sending me steak frites! I was denying the calls/text messages from the VA area code – let’s face it, if I don’t know the number I am Googling it before answering it and nothing was coming up.  Ashley finally texted saying she was trying to have something delivered, so I quickly ran outside in a complete state of confusion and was so happy to see a meal waiting for me.  I devoured that food (and enjoyed it for lunch the next day!) Thanks again Ash! IMG_0993

A lil Bit of A Lot

Well last post was a HUGE success, so it made me realize maybe I should get more personal – I’ve always said I’m an open book, so why not?  YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

The post about dating in today’s world gave me the most amount of views I have ever received, even topping my big adventure which, at that time, I thought was a lot!  I can’t see who reads my posts, but I can see how many times my link has been clicked from Facebook or Instagram. This doesn’t include people who physically type in to the browser or receive emails. ….and believe it or not, I have “friends” I’ve never met following me (meaning they signed up to get email notifications every time I publish a blog) – so if that is you THANK YOU!!! On that note, Facebook is not allowing my website to post directly to it anymore, so if you want to make sure you get all my mindless reading posts, make sure to click on the “follow” link below and provide your email address.

Anyway, I figured I’d do better about giving the good, the bad AND THE UGLY when it comes to all things in life!!!

(I still have a post to publish after an amazing weekend in Atlanta for one of my best friends weddings, but I have not been in the right mindset for the last week and need to devote more time/effort to write that post because the weekend was nothing short of perfect)

To be honest, the last week was probably one of the roughest weeks I’ve had in a while, a lot poured down at once and truthfully, I have been a basket case.  I try to keep a happy face on, but it’s not always the grins and giggles I portray. My loving mother has called me randomly just to see what I’m doing (aka check on me), even though she knows good and well I’m working and my poor sister went out for dinner and drinks with me just because she knew I needed to get away. I’ve had friends send texts knowing that things aren’t right, and I won’t react to them and act like everything is fine, but truly I am thankful for them!

I’m not going to get in to all the details as to why it’s been a difficult week – everyone I love is happy and healthy, so I will get through everything else in time. But the one thing I have to say is to make an effort to smile and say hello to a stranger and give them a compliment. It’s definitely easier said than done, but something so little can go a long way!  I said this years ago when I was going through a tough time and went for a lunchtime walk and saw a homeless guy who asked me how I was doing, I said, “I’m well, how are you?” his response: “I’m blessed”  and I kept thinking to myself, you’re homeless, but still feel blessed!  That put everything in PERSPECTIVE!

I will report more with what’s going on, but it’s way past my bedtime and I just didn’t want to go too long without a quick message. Picture with my Sunday brunch dates – who entertained me this weekend 💞 Sorry Kenny G. – I will make sure you’re included next time!


Dating in 2018

The truth about dating today, it sucks – I mean absolutely horrible and don’t let anyone tell you differently.  I’m not sure who all these people are that can chronically date, I can’t even find someone I want to go on date #2 with, let alone #1.

I get the question ALL THE TIME, “Why are you single?”  Well, I have finally figured it out, and NO, it’s not my need to incessantly sing and dance anytime Deanna Carter comes on the radio or the lack of vegetables in my diet (well maybe it is 🤔 but that’s not what this is about!)

It’s me and I am friggin crazy. Not in the sense of “I’m going to obsessively call you”, “need to know where you are” or “watch your back” kind of crazy, but in the sense that a guy doesn’t get a second (or first) date with me because he has bad grammar or spelling. Yes, there, I said it…. I’m sorry, but I’m 36 years old and have what I consider to be a good job and expect my potential significant other to know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Personally, I don’t think that’s too much to ask, I mean seriously, would you send an email to your boss with bad spelling or grammar, NO – then why would you send it to someone you are potentially pursuing or wanting to impress?

Then there’s those that spell “prolly” instead of “probably” or “cus” instead of “because” – and to be perfectly honest, I don’t even like “K” – How hard is it to put an “O” in front of the “K”?!?! OOOOK!!!!

That’s why texting has been so horrible for dating, a) you don’t get to “hear” tone in text, b) more room for grammatical or spelling errors and/or c) there is absolutely NO effort that is put in to it. It’s not difficult to send a text saying “have a good day”. What makes it a bit more meaningful is, get this…..A CONVERSATION!!! Texting is just entertainment – I’m guilty, I do it ALL THE TIME! But I do think it’s dangerous when combined with dating.

Obviously, I’m new to Richmond and wanting to meet new people, so I got on a dating app and I’ve had some ok dates, but nothing that has just blown me away with excitement. My poor mother keeps saying “have you met anyone” and my typical response is “not anyone worth talking about”. I am officially off the app, but figured the final straw would prove why I’m “crazy” and figured I’d share!

The last guy I was supposed to go out with, sent me, what I consider to be, an “unsolicited selfie” (a picture of himself that I didn’t ask for or ever make any mention of wanting from previous conversations) and the caption below was “through day” – ummm, what?!?!  I’m sorry, do you mean “TOUGH day”? 🤦🏼‍♀️ Yep, he was sending a picture of him “working” by a pool, but couldn’t even capture it properly. Typically, this could’ve been a one-off thing, but during the last (text) conversation we had, I gave him a hard time for not using the correct spelling for “your” and even told him grammar and spelling is a big thing to me, so the fact that he couldn’t spell “tough” properly made me cut communication.

I gave him a smart a** comment letting him know that his “smart” phone messed up again (his excuse for the previous misspelling of “your”) and after that I stopped responding. I know it wasn’t exactly the nicest thing and I probably shouldn’t have done it.  But in reality, what am I supposed to say “umm…I’m sorry, I can’t go out with you, you spelled ‘tough’ incorrectly and sent me an unsolicited selfie!” Figured it was best since I can’t say anything nice, I shouldn’t say anything at all.  RIGHT? 🤷‍♀️

So maybe, if I’m ever bored again and decide to get online (which fingers crossed doesn’t happen,) I should provide a link to this post and give a full disclosure of my “crazy”!

Again, this is probably why I’m single – among other reasons I’m sure – and MANY people will disagree with me, but it’s just my personal opinion and a little comedic relief on Hump Day.  Texting and dating



I’m back!

I’m baaccckkk – I’m sure many of you have been patiently waiting for a post after two weeks and I couldn’t think of any better time than a rainy Sunday morning watching Friends re-runs. I’ve been staying busy and marking a lot off my Richmond to-do’s, but work has been insanely busy and the last thing I want to do is get on my computer in the evenings.

I have absolutely been loving Richmond and exploring new places. I keep thinking how much certain friends from back home would love certain places/things to do!

A couple weeks ago I went on a wine tour with my sister and her friends – which, let’s face it after a day of wine, they are my friends now too 😝 I went to wineries I have already been to, but always a great time – the weather couldn’t have been more perfect and we had a bus so were able to start the party on the way out and continue it all the way to the end.  I had a blast and apparently danced in the bus (with the others) on the way back home – I may have fogged memory from the evening, but my nephew told me I kept telling him how much I love him.  Not sure if that makes me “aunt of the year” or what, but in fairness, I think it is a good thing because he saw me as a nice drunk, not mean! 🤷‍♀️

The next morning, I woke my nephew up at 10:00AM 🙄 telling him the weather was so nice and asked him if he’d go do something outside with me! He eagerly accepted, which I was surprised because it was so early in his world and we decided to go play miniature golf – which as a side note: is WAY underrated, we had a blast and should consider doing it more often!


The following weekend, I had my niece for the day and at her request, we went to Circuit which is an arcade bar where you can pour your own beers and play games! Kids are allowed until 9:00pm.  Brian caught up with us and we played ski ball and air hockey and had so much fun! The only thing we didn’t get to do was Dance Dance Revolution because a grown man wouldn’t let the 10 year old have a shot!  🤦🏼‍♀️ I had my fun with a couple beers and took Brian and Caroline to Shyndigz for cake afterward!


That evening, I went out with a new friend to a new (to me) taco place, Boka and probably ate way too much, but who doesn’t eat way too much when it comes to tacos? Then we went to the this cool little hole in the wall place, Cary Street Cafe, that had live music and apparently does every night – I really enjoyed it!

Weekend highlights were included, but weekdays have been pretty busy as well – with new workout routines, bocce ball and Taco Tuesdays. No complaints!!!

We are less than a week away from my beautiful friend Kasey’s wedding and I cannot be more excited to head to Atlanta next week to stand by her side!!!


Over Cocktails

So much to report and I can almost guarantee I will not get to everything this evening! It’s been a great week of adventure, making new friends and trying new things!

  1. WOMEN ON WHITEWATER:  This was a FREE event for women only to go kayaking on Class 1 & 2 rapids down the James River. My sister and I signed up for it a couple months ago, but because of the rain, the water was too high and it had to be rescheduled, unfortunately it was rescheduled for the weekend before 4th of July and my sister had plans to go to Rhode Island (I was supposed to go with her, but too busy at work and thankfully didn’t cancel our spots for kayaking!)  So my friend Jackie joined me and we had an amazing time.  There were 10 volunteers and 18 participants, so plenty of experts guiding us down and so incredibly patient with us newbies.  We set off in groups of four and I may be bias, but felt our group was the best! We all got along great and really helped each other out and laughed the entire time!  (Especially me as I couldn’t control my kayak and kept hitting others or inadvertently turning around) We were skirted (not sure if that’s the right terminology) in to the kayak meaning we were cocoon’d in (that’s my terminology) and had to learn to flip into the water and get out in case we actually did flip in the rough waters – which I did even though I was so confident I wouldn’t after getting through the biggest rapid without a problem! I swear I probably flipped on one of the smaller rapids like a big idiot! 🤦🏼‍♀️ On a side note: I WON A HAT!!! As if I needed another hat, BUT…..I won it through a raffle drawing and of course, I picked the hat…I wanted it the minute I saw it 😁

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    2. Jackie and I quickly got dressed, grabbed our puppies and headed to her boyfriends house on the river, it was so peaceful and beautiful!  After about 3 hours  kayaking that morning, we were ready to sit back and relax….and happily did so with a couple beers!

    Later we went down to Colonial Beach to stay and enjoy the day exploring and boating!!! Olivia woke me up at sunrise and I was not complaining after seeing these views!

    Olivia is 14.5 years old (she’s my old baby girl) and has never been on the boat, even though I’m on the boat most summer days in Florida….I’ve always said I wish she could talk to tell me if she’d rather be with me on the boat or at home in the a/c. This trip proved to me that she was much happier inside than being blown around! 😝 I did load her up in sunscreen and after a bath by me and a trip to the groomer, she still smells like sunscreen!

    It was the perfect weekend!

    3. One of the girls from kayaking recommended me try her bungee fitness class. She was teaching the class and thankfully I texted her when I did because apparently I’m an idiot and got the date wrong that she was teaching. I had already gone to HYB that morning and wasn’t planning on working out again, but I am so glad I did!  I didn’t even feel like I was working out and really just wanted to bounce around (and fly) the entire time – although my body felt it the next day!  It was an absolute blast and I will HIGHLY recommend it to anyone!  I enjoy it so much that I have signed myself up to do it regularly, so in addition to my typical 6am workouts/monthly membership, I will be doing a bungee class 3-4 times a week 🤷‍♀️ but it’s fun, so it doesn’t count – I just hope I can walk!

4.  I went to Brian’s parents house for a cookout on 4th of July – no pictures were taken, but we had a great time and the food was fantastic!!!

5. My battle wound from white water kayaking!!! I never knew I could even get a bruise on the palm of my hand!!!



I’m sure I have way more to report, but I’m beat!  Ready for any and all visitors 🤗

A Charleston Bachelorette Party!

Over cocktails is apparently on a two week hiatus and will be back next week, because today I wanted to highlight the blissful debauchery of a Charleston Bachelorette Party! Let’s be honest:  Blissful & Bachelorette Party do not always go hand-in-hand, and let me assure you – there was no BLISSFUL-ness about this party, it was complete debauchery!  The ONLY reason I’m using this term is because typically when there are 10 girls grouped together for an entire weekend, wanting to do different things – there’s some sort of drama. But not with this group!  We had an ABSOLUTE blast!!!

Unfortunately we all arrived a bit later than expected, so didn’t get to explore the city like we had hoped, but it was probably a blessing in disguise because it was H-O-T!!! We stayed in The Mills House which is right in the center of Charleston and absolutely beautiful. We immediately got dressed and went to wine tasting at The Mira Wine Tasting Room, then had a nice dinner at Magnolias where I had a pimento cheese filet (that seemed to be a theme in Charleston and I was more-than-ok with it!) then we were ready to partay as we headed off to the bars on King Street!





Saturday had to by-far be the best day! We all woke up a bit sluggish, but knew we needed to rally because we had a distillery and brewery tour that was scheduled. One of the bridesmaids and myself purchased matching shirts for everyone and they were so cute!!!

We went for breakfast at Eli’s Table while a few (I’m guilty 🙋🏼) sat at the bar for fancy morning cocktails!


Then on to our distillery and brewery tour through Charleston Brewery Tours .  It was such a GREAT time as we were transported in a bus that was decked out with music and lights, and the driver set a pre-game disclaimer saying “the railings aren’t to be danced on”…..OOOPS!



First stop was High Wire Distilling and the guys giving us a tour were extremely patient with ten girls who started drinking early and wanting to take a million and five pictures. Plus I think we all had a difficult time getting the “shots” down.




Next stop was  Munkle Brewing Company where we played pool, corn hole and gave every single dog that came in all the love it would need for a day!


IMG_8831Finally we hit up Revelry a rooftop bar and made new friends, drank a few more beers and ended up buying one of everything in the store!  I bought another camo trucker hat because a girl can never have too many  hats?!?!



The rest of the day was a free for all, so some of us ate, some slept, some rehydrated and some tried to do it all!



We had dinner at Taco Boy which was really good, but by the time we were done we were all beat, so went back to our room and just talked and laughed a lot! It was actually very nice!!!

IMG_0019 2

Time to go on Sunday, but first, we had to eat at Fleet Landing which had beautiful views and great food!



It was such a great weekend with new and old friends and many memories made! The bachelorette did a FANTASTIC job planning – even if she didn’t like any of my ideas 😉

Kasey Bachelorette Party FOR PRINT

Luray Caverns

A post from the Bachelorette shenanigans is soon to come, hopefully after I’ve fully recovered from the debauchery, but I have been wanting to highlight a trip I recently took, but haven’t had time: LURAY CAVERNS!

My parents were in town a couple weekends ago and I figured that was the perfect opportunity to drag them out along with my sister and her family to explore with me! There are many things on my Richmond bucket list, but at the top was Luray Caverns – and what better time to go then a hot summer day!!!

What’s even better is trying to drag seven people out of the house before lunchtime for a last minute excursion two and a half hours away! My 10 year/old niece was hoping to go shopping for summer camp supplies, my brother-in-law was planning on putting some meat to smoke on the grill, my dad had to go shopping for tennis shoes, etc. but somehow I managed to make it happen and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them, was so thankful we went!


I was giddy-excited, my nephew even started to mock me as I danced my way to the car!  I was so excited, it didn’t even bother me that I was sitting in the WAY back with the kids (for the record: all the other “adults” graciously offered to switch with me, but I was fine) – I was literally that excited!

The day was incredibly reasonable – $28 for an hour long tour.  The caverns were open enough and not even a concern of claustrophobia. The temperature inside was perfect, about 75 degrees and the tour guide was very knowledgeable.

I didn’t retain a lot of the information, I was too busy enjoying the views, but a few things I learned:

  • Stalagmites (from the bottom, might reach the top) and Stalactites (hanging tight to the ceiling)
  • The stalactites grow the size of a cheez-it every 120 years!
  • They said they were a designated bomb shelter and the safest place to go – BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!!
  • This guy fell 7,000 years at 170,000 tons


  • And this one shows how thin the “drapes” are, light will show through it! IMG_1995


This was by far my favorite area – the stalactites are reflecting off the water for an optical illusion making it look like there are stalagmites below.


And just some more photos because it was so pretty!!!


I’d also recommend checking out the Car and Carriage museum, honestly, I wasn’t at all interested at first, but others were going and I figured “why not?” and it was pretty cool seeing all these old cars! IMG_9825

There was a small winery on site and believe it or not, I didn’t go. . .well, that’s a lie, I checked it out, but wasn’t able to take wine outside of the small patio and it was too hot to drink alone outside!


On the way to the Caverns, there was Cooter’s Museum which was a free Dukes of Hazard  museum – we will be checking it out next time we go! Just didn’t have enough time this trip!

Regardless, it was a great day! Thanks to my loving family for being so willing to explore with me!

Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to  the man who has made it virtually impossible for me to find someone even comparable. He has always been my “go-to”, the man who I call when I need help – whether it’s car problems, finance questions, or general every day knowledge that I should know, but instead I call him and he either fixes it or tells me what to do!

It’s no doubt I’ve always been a daddy’s girl and I will always be, we’ve had a special bond my entire life and I am forever thankful for that! He’s my personal handyman – he’s installed floors, appliances and painted my entire place and even better, he does it all for a Jersey Mike’s sub!!!

Not only that, but he has never made me “want” for anything, although he has always instilled values in me and made me get my first job at the age of 16. (Even though it was because I got in a car accident and he made me pay for it! I hated it then, but thankful for it now!)

Thank you Pa for. . .

Allowing me to crawl up your back like you were a tree as a child whenever a dog came around. . .

Letting me steal your undershirts to sleep in (they were the BEST!). . .

Teaching me how to drive a manual car. . .even though you waited WAY TOO LONG to tell me that you can hit the gas and release the clutch at the same time. . .

The MANY Saturday’s we spent together at our UPS Store and the lunches from Rib Shack you always bought because God forbid you stay at the store by yourself. . .

Giving me the “the look” when I  got in trouble as a teenager, only to laugh with me when I said “everyone is scared of you, but I’m not. . .”

Loving and supporting me in every decision I make and being there with me to see it through!

Happy Father’s Day – so glad/thankful I could spend it with you and the history lesson I received driving down Monument Avenue 😉 I love you!!!

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Over Cocktails

First and foremost:  I don’t typically share quotes, but I really liked this one and figured it was worth re-posting. I’m not saying my blog is “worth reading” but I am saying that it helps gives me something “worth writing”  worth-reading-quote.jpg

Disclaimer: When I first started this blog, I read a few articles about nobody bloggers, just like me, who got sued for using someone else photography for their quotes. I am terrified of that happening to me, so I always use my own. Not sure it’s even worth the time/effort I put in to it, because I am 99.967% certain I am at the very bottom of the blogging totem pole, but I’d rather not get into any of that kind of mess! 

Now to my weekly recap:  I woke up Friday morning a bit depressed, trying to figure out what I was going to do over the weekend and who I was going to do it with – I don’t know many people in town and most of the people I knew were going to be out of town, even if it was just for the day (ahem – Brian)

For someone like me, this is not an ideal situation. . .

Until I get a call from my one of my best friends from High School saying her plans changed for the weekend and she had six days off and nothing to do, so I immediately said come to Richmond and less than four hours later she was boarding a plane, traveling across the country and two time zones!!! And I was driving two hours to pick her up from DC.

After picking her up from the airport, we arrived back in Richmond around midnight, and she started working on our “plan ” for the weekend to hit up some vineyards while I took my contacts out and relaxed with a frosty beverage after a long evening of 4-hours total driving.

She picked Veritas Vineyards to hit up first and it was SO BEAUTIFUL!! Reviews said we needed to get there early because it gets busy pretty early.  So I woke Kristin up and after showering, we downed a protein shake (probably a good idea to have something in our bellies before a day at the vineyards) and we were on the road by  10:00am.

We saw a brewery on the way to Veritas that served lunch with a large outdoor patio overlooking the mountains.  So we figured we’d go there – especially after overhearing someone at the winery say they had the best burgers she ever had.  Both Kristin and I were disappointed when the menu said all burgers were served medium-well WHAT?!?!  Who does that?  Medium-rare for me!!! We still had to try it…..but NOPE, definitely  not the best burger we ever had, however, we enjoyed the views/atmosphere regardless.

No trip to Charlottesville is complete without going to Pippinhill Farm & Vineyard – one guess why?  The views/wine of course 😉


Sadly, I had to drive, so I didn’t enjoy a glass of wine at Pippinhill this time, but next time I will make sure someone else wants to be the DD or we figure out different transportation or possibly even stay up there!

So…..after a day spent at wineries and a brewery, why not come home and experience the night life….Right? We went out to Sine (after the recommendation of some college kids who were passing by) which is an Irish pub and had a blast!  Pretty sure I ate there with my family once, but who knew it turned it to such a fun bar scene at night.


…and after a poor attempt to go out and find new bars in the area, we were back soaking wet due to torrential downpour! img_9632

Kristin wasn’t feeling great Sunday morning, but I finally convinced her to get up and check out Lunch or Supper which had the cutest little market and I ate probably more calories than I should in one sitting, but it was worth it. Afterwards, we spent the day exploring the cute shops in Carytown and then hit up a couple other local watering holes. Sadly, we didn’t get any pictures, but I did take a video of the market that I was able to screenshot.


Back to reality on Monday and I worked while Kristin did some things she had to get done, we hit up a wine and tapas happy hour at Secco which I thought was so fun because in order to enjoy happy hour, you had to put your phone in a box.  I wanted to take a picture of it, but then remembered – NO PHONES!!!

Kristin left on Tuesday morning, but we will be seeing each other in two weeks for one of our best friends Bachelorette party in Charleston!!!

Oh yeah – and my car got broken in to at some point between Tuesday morning and Wednesday around lunchtime. Fortunately nothing was taken and somehow no windows were shattered. I had some expensive stuff in there, but I think they were looking for something in particular!


My parents are coming up this weekend, so it’ll be a fun spending time with the family!!

Over Cocktails

Tonight’s post will be short and sweet because it was a long day and I’m finally sitting on the couch at 9:58, but surprisingly people actually enjoy reading my mindless entertainment and like keeping up with my adventures in my new city!

First and foremost – I JOINED A BOCCE BALL LEAGUE. . .and up until about two days ago, I knew NOTHING about bocce ball, but I watched a 2 minute video highlighting the rules and think I’ve got a hang of it.  Basically it’s an excuse to drink beer and socialize…and let’s face it: Beer and Socializing at a BREWERY – I don’t need an excuse!!! My friend Jackie is going to do it with me, so I won’t look like such a fool just hoping someone/anyone will talk to me!

Next, my other gym that I was going to didn’t work out, I have nothing but great things to say about it, but unfortunately timing/classes weren’t working with my schedule. So I found a new place that I love (thanks again Jackie) Hot Yoga Barre has a mixture of barre and yoga classes and I literally leave each class like I just came out of a swimming lesson (crinkled fingers and soaking wet hair).  I am not a big yogi, but took a class tonight and loved it and somehow everything came back to me after not practicing yoga in over ten years.  Obviously I love the barre class as well, and prefer to take those classes primarily, but its nice to have a mixture.

I found a new favorite spot RVA Draft Room – this place gives you a card to fill your beer up on your own and has a wide selection of over 20 different taps (including wine and cider) Jackie and I went there on Sunday and I loved it so much that I brought Brian back on Wednesday.  We were there to check out open mic night, but the weather was so unbelievably nice that we ended up sitting on the outdoor patio and enjoying the weather/company instead of listening to the music!


Finally, my parents got the sweetest letter from the girl I used to babysit this week – I’m not going to elaborate on what she said about me/them, but I was having a rough day and it was EXACTLY what I needed!!! 💖

Have a great weekend!