Three Blondes in Portland – Part 2


The fun continues. . .days 1-2 in previous post.

DAY 3:

  • JACK RABBITS:  Kasey and I went to brunch while Kristin stayed back and slept. She got quiche which she loved and I got the obligatory – bacon, egg and cheese sandwich (creature of habit)  It was the hotel bar/restaurant.  It was good and we both enjoyed the atmosphere and what we got, but came across Lechon and wish we would’ve gone here for brunch instead.


  • SATURDAY MARKET:  A suggestion made by my cousin and I loved every second I was there – could’ve spent the entire day and more there.  So much amazing pieces of jewelry, artwork, and things to do/see. We all got henna tattoos to satisfy my desire to never have a permanent one.


img_1092.jpgBREWERS FEST:  Well, if you know me at all, you would know that I was ecstatic to learn that this festival was going on the weekend that I happened to be there (and that wasn’t even planned). We went to the festival and I was highly disappointed. Maybe b/c I’ve been to things like this before and I thought this one wasn’t very well laid out – it was hard to tell what line you were in and what beers were being served and the fact that it was over dirt, made me feel like I wanted to get back and showered right away!


IMG_1096.jpgDESCHUTES BREWERY: We used up all of our tokens from the brewers fest and spent the evening at Deschutes Brewery with an old friend from high school/college who lives in Portland with his wife.  It’s amazing how you can go years without talking or seeing each other, but things automatically pick right back up where you left them! I have only great things to say about Deschutes – and would highly recommend.  Very popular because it has great food, fun environment and a wide selection of great beers.

SALT N STRAW: A well-known ice cream shop that has a line wrapped around the building. Kristin and Kasey had to try this stuff, I am not a sweets lover, so went to a bar while they waited for their sweet treat.  I just texted them to ask if it was worth the 30+ minute wait and receive a unanimous  “YES” response, so I’m guessing this place is a MUST!

DAY 4:

A GREAT OREGON WINE TOUR: Enough breweries, this is the day Kristin and Kasey were waiting for!!! We booked our tour with Wayne on A Great Oregon Wine Tour and I was sharing the front seat with him the rest of the day! He was extremely personable, knowledgeable and fun!!! The wineries are all in Willamette Valley – such a beautiful place – loved every winery just as much as the next and the views were absolutely stunning!

RIVER PIG SALOON:  This looked like it would be a great place for a Friday/Saturday night, but Sunday afternoon – not a lot happening, so we had one beer and decided to grab Thai food from the Red Onion, decor was that of a walk-in Chinese restaurant and the food was nothing special, so it doesn’t even get its own review!

DAY 5:



MULTNOMAH FALLS:  I’m finally getting to see my waterfalls and well, they were amazing, but few things I wish I would’ve known. 1) Parking was absolutely ridiculous – apparently there’s another parking area, but no signs to indicate that.  We turned around and I’m pretty sure by the stare-down I got, that I cut someone off from getting a parking spot – but hey, gotta be quick.  2) It was so incredibly busy there, we should’ve gotten there right when they opened! 3) The hike up was a bit tiring, but I think that was a combination of beer, wine, and donuts over the previous four days :). 4) It was HOT HOT HOT!!! If you’re going to do this hike, I would not suggest it in late July. 5) If you stay for lunch, get the Merionberry Margarita – Oh Em Gee, I don’t think I’ve ever had one this amazing (and I’ve had my fair share of amazing margaritas)!!!



Well deserved


HUBERS CAFE:  I heard about this place on “Best Bars in America” and well-known for their Spanish Coffee – I don’t even drink coffee, but I knew I had to try this out. Unfortunately Kasey and Kristin had to run a quick errand and weren’t there to watch him make my drink – equipped with fire and fancy tricks! I loved it! Since I am a slacker and didn’t take a video of it, you can click here to watch someone else’s video!


Spanish Coffee

OVERALL VERDICT ON PORTLAND:  The city known for being “weird” definitely lived up to its  reputation, there were extremely strange people walking around the streets (although I’m sure they were incredibly nice) and no one seemed to care about a thing! There were many things I wish I would’ve been able to do, but unfortunately we ran out of time.  I will 110% go back and I look forward to doing the things I missed out on, but in the meantime, I will share stories from locals on things that we should’ve done on another post. (I took good notes.)



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