A Weekend Getaway in Colorado

Well, it was a wild 48 hours in Colorado and by “wild” I mean me and my friend, Chino (a long time friend who lives in Chicago that I don’t get to see nearly enough) were sick the entire time and I don’t think I have ever slept so much on vacation – EVER!!! But, we made the most of it and actually had a really great time!

Another early flight caused me to leave my house at 4:00am – but that allowed us to have the entire day in Denver.  We arrived hungry and Chino made me promise her we could get Mexican, so of course I did my research for one of the best Mexican restaurants in Denver and came across La Loma – we were the second ones in the restaurant at 11;00 am and asked if we had a reservation, I was thinking – who needs a reservation at 11:00am on a Friday, but I was WRONG, within 30 mins the place was packed. It was a very fun atmosphere and the margaritas were ON POINT! Truthfully, I wasn’t too fond of the salsa, but that didn’t stop this chips and salsa loving girl from devouring it – hey, I was hungry and hadn’t eaten all morning!


We decided to head back to our hotel and take a nap, which, if you know me at all, I DON’T nap – I must’ve really been feeling under the weather.  After a couple hours, we decided to get up and head to Fort Collins to a brewery I found online and this place seriously describes “my happy place”.

ODELL BREWING COMPANY:  The line that extended to the front door proved this was a good choice for our first stop in Fort Collins.  Fortunately, after a long day, the line was quick and when I got to the front, the bartender didn’t have to twist my arm to order the the flight.

The atmosphere was everything I love and more.  It was packed, with outside games, a fire pit, and a band playing (equipped with a guy who without a doubt was high and dancing around like no one was watching) I loved the beers, but nothing really stood out at me, but got another one because I was enjoying myself so much, but of course the minute I sat down with it, the band was done :(.

We headed toward downtown after the brewery. It was such a cute area with great shops, restaurants and bars.  We were bummed that we were feeling so crappy and couldn’t hang in the area that night because it looked like such a fun area to hang out at nightitme.


The next morning we went back for some shopping in downtown Fort Collins –  they had such cute boutiques and restaurants, but decided to leave downtown to hit up DC Oakes brewery (a place we stumbled upon on our way down to Fort Collins when I got us lost ) for lunch and a couple beers.

IMG_2668.jpgChino convinced me to try the peanut butter and jelly burger.  This is SO out of my comfort zone, but I realized, this may be the only chance I will have to try it, so I did and it was good, but I think the peanut butter overruled the taste of the burger itself, so I didn’t even finish half of it.  (I’m sure that has nothing to do with the cheese curds we devoured before the meal!)

We headed back to Greeley (where we were staying for the wedding) and stopped at a local brewery – Crabtree Brewery.  Everyone was extremely friendly and I’m not still bitter that I couldn’t get that stupid ring on the hook!


Off to the wedding on Saturday night. It was so great to see the beautiful bride and hear so many great things (that we already knew) about her. I haven’t seen her in years, but was so honored to be invited to her wedding and loved meeting her man!

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Again, us not feeling well, caused us to go back to the room at 10:30 and we were going to go back out, but couldn’t reach the bride and I may or may not have passed out (not from drinking, but from the cold that wanted to linger all weekend long long – insert extreme disappointment).

Overall summary of Colorado: We hit up three cities and I found the people there to be very friendly. The weather was perfect and there were so many options of things to do.  I wish I could’ve done some hiking, but I was too out of breath to even contemplate getting a work out in.  I can definitely see why people want to live here and I would highly consider it myself, if it wasn’t so far from home.


I came home to this sweet girl, who was loving the extra special attention she was getting because her sister wasn’t home!


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