Random “Pip” Facts

So….in an effort to get to know a lil bit more about me, I have put out a few #randompippinfacts. I have said this before, but I am TRULY an open book, so I compiled the most random/useless facts about me:

  1. My ringtone is “That’s My Kind of Night” by Luke Bryan.
  2. C99DCEE0-76C6-4C86-9C8C-24D7B4F19876.jpgMy dog is the BEST gift I’ve ever received – we share the same birthday and have gone through so much together. If you don’t love her the way I do, chances are – I won’t like you!
  3. I love to travel and always have my next trip planned.
  4. When I was younger, I believed that I would get married at 24 and have my first kid at 26, 28, 30 & 32 (clearly God laughed at that plan).
  5. I would much prefer to sit around with great friends and play board games than go out – does that mean I’m officially old?
  6. I don’t eat vegetables (and very few fruits) – this is my biggest insecurity and something I have literally prayed about my entire life to change 😦
  7. I won’t leave the house without earrings or mascara on – call me vain, but I won’t
  8. I am a VERY impatient person. . .don’t keep me waiting.! My dad was an “if you’re not five minutes early, you’re late” kind of person and that has been instilled in me.
  9. It takes me less than 30 mins to get ready (hence impatience).
  10. I have my real estate license and pay my bills by working in commercial real estate – I actually enjoy my job, one of the many reason I stay in Jacksonville.
  11. I don’t have cable – and rarely watch tv.  I don’t understand the fascination and why it’s always the topic of conversation. (But many have argued with me over this, so I know I am the rarity).
  12. In fact, if I do watch tv or a move – there is a strong chance I will fall asleep!
  13. I wear skirts 89.6% of the time.
  14. And make up random statistics.
  15. I am a country music junkie.
  16. My female celebrity crush is Kate Beckinsale.
  17. My refrigerator looks like a bachelor pad (beer and condiments) – it’s kind of embarrassing.
  18. But I love to cook, just don’t do it enough.
  19. Putting an apron on makes me extremely happy and I have been known to do it even when just making a grilled cheese sandwich.
  20. I am always up for doing something out of the ordinary. #RIDEORDIE
  21. I have a string cheese at 10:30 and green tea at 3:30 like clockwork every workday.
  22. I work downtown and walk the bridges (approximately 4 miles) at lunch during the months of October – April (as long as it isn’t too hot – don’t want to push my coworkers away too much).
  23. I take a Pure Barre class at least five days a week – mostly first thing in the morning before I have time to realize what I’m actually doing! IMG_5874
  24. I was that nerd in grade school who needed braces at the same time as glasses and begged my mom to put me in contacts – she did, thank goodness!!! I now have a permanent retainer behind both my top and bottom teeth and wear daily disposable contacts.
  25. I have diagnosed myself with RBS (restless body syndrome) – I literally DO NOT sit still.
  26. I actually enjoy doing dishes.
  27. I get giddy at air shows – primarily because of the bragging rights that I once did bi-plane stunts.
  28. In 2005, The Jaguars played the Steelers in Pittsburgh – I flew with the team out there and we ACTUALLY won in OT!
  29. I will walk up to a complete stranger just to say hello to their dog and if available, steal puppy kisses.
  30. I am one of those obnoxious morning people and I don’t even drink coffee.
  31. My shoes are all in my trunk causing me to leave the house without shoes on and digging through the trunk when I get to my destination to find the right pair.
  32. I am an open book and will probably share too much.
  33. I have to put Vaseline on my lips before I go to bed every night.
  34.  Sounds worse than what it is, but I have a split uvula.
  35. I’ve traveled A LOT, but one of my favorite trips was doing the Mighty Five in Utah and I REALLY hope to do it again SOON! IMG_0070.JPG

BONUS:  This blogging world has made me realize I can’t figure everything out right away and apparently that drives me INSANE!!!






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