Tanya’s 40th Birthday Redo!

This past weekend I had friends visiting me from Bloomington, IL.  These are some of the greatest people I know who will say the most unexpected things and consistently throw me off with their witty banter and hilarious antics.

After taking two Pure Barre classes Friday morning, frantically changing sheets, cleaning the house, getting dressed and rushing to drop off supplies to my amazing sister-in-law (read about post here) I was anxiously awaiting their arrival. 

Tanya and Pottsy (which he absolutely hates to be called & named by yours truly – you’re welcome Pottsy-poo) are another set of friends that I worked with at State Farm and like the others, will be lifelong friends. Their adorable son is six years old and he calls me “Aunt Pepper” and their sweet little girl is 11 months old and unfortunately I have not had the chance to meet her . . . YET!

The weekend was filled with lots of shopping, eating, drinking, pampering, laughing and catching up.  One of the highlights of the weekend for Tanya and me was getting our hair done at DryBar. If you have not done this for a girl’s day – YOU MUST!  The minute you walk in they ask if you want a mimosa (or water, coffee or something else, but I stopped them at mimosa and immediately said “YES PLEASE!!!”)  Tanya’s hair looked AMAZING and mine, well, I never like it immediately – but once the curls drop a bit I tend to love it and won’t wash it fora couple of days following!!!  

Tanya and Pottsy came down for a redo of Tanya’s 40th birthday celebration (she was pregnant during her actual 40th birthday) and had so many great intentions for the weekend of seeing old friends and going to all their favorite places, but unfortunately the weather was not in our favor and it rained the entire time They were able to see most of their friends, but I know it broke their heart not getting to see them all. I gave them my car on the last day so they could have a “date” without me and they went down to their favorite (and mine) Caps On The Water and still made the best of a rainy day!

It was so incredibly amazing to see them and catch up, but I know they were eager to get home to hug their beautiful babies after devastating news of the tragedy in Las Vegas.  

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