Helping Neighbors to the South

IMG_6149.JPGMy brother and sister-in-law lived in Cudjoe Key for five years and absolutely loved it. They made lifelong friends down there and endless memories only few have from summer vacations.

The small little island (that I keep getting reminded doesn’t even have a gas station) was hit directly by Hurricane Irma and made national news. They were devastated and watched the news fearing for what their friends would see when they returned.  Fortunately, none of their friends sustained MAJOR damage, but they knew they had to do something to help the community that they love!

Prior to the storm, they had vacation scheduled to take a road trip across the US, but after the devastation of the Category 4 storm, they cancelled these plans to bring donations and drive down south to help clean up the storm damage.  They reached out to family, friends and coworkers asking for anything they could provide and were overwhelmed with the contributions received.  Approximately $1,000 that they raised was donated to the elementary school and various charitable organizations in the community. In addition, their SUV was filled with school supplies, cleaning supplies and miscellaneous items that aren’t easily accessible on an island (but definitely needed) such as sunscreen, bug spray and lice treatment.

They were down there for a total of four days and described it as “it looks like a nuclear bomb went off” and “pictures don’t do it justice”.   They visited their old home which is virtually uninhabitable and saw their old boat that is on land and covered by trees. They came back with blisters and achy bodies from cleaning up debris, but were grateful they could go down there and bring supplies that were needed and help as much as possible.

They are still happily taking donations, so if you have anything you’d like to give, please reach out to me. THANK YOU!!!


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