100 CLUB!!!


A few weeks ago I hit a milestone, something that I wasn’t sure I’d actually ever achieve.  I MADE IT TO THE 100 CLUB IN PURE BARRE! Meaning, I have taken 100 classes and I’m so proud of myself.

I started this journey on May 3rd, 2017 and set a goal to make it through 100 classes by the end of September. I am proud to say that I completed this goal 11 days earlier than expected and even after four vacations (one of which I even went to another studio, but didn’t count toward the 100 since it wasn’t my studio), a hurricane and some other unexpected interruptions that caused me to miss class – I was able to do it.

One of the things that surprised me the most is that I motivated myself to wake up and go to class at 6:00am every morning. NEVER DID I EVER THINK I COULD GET MYSELF OUT OF BED TO WORK OUT!!! It’s still not easy, but I love that I get my workout in before a lot of people are awake and it does not provide me the opportunity to talk myself out of it throughout the day.

Granted I go to bed earlier than most, but it’s kept me from having that extra glass of wine at night and I’m able to actually enjoy my evenings without having to squeeze a workout in PLUS I’m much more productive.  

I’m not going to lie; the first class was highly intimidating (I even took the day off from work to mentally prepare myself) but a friend went with me and we both loved it.  The instructor was extremely patient and did a great job explaining the moves before class started.  Now, I would love to go back to my first class and see how clueless I really was!  

I have a lot of people asking me to explain Pure Barre and even after 100+ classes, I’m not certain of the best way.  A friend once described it as isometric training – ummmm….what?  (https://greatist.com/move/isometric-exercises) Isometric training is basically holding a position for a period of time by tensing up your muscles.  Small movements, big change. SO THERE YOU GO!!! 

Pure Barre has pushed me mentally and physically. I have actually gotten to the point of “craving” it and make it a priority to go to class. An instructor once said “Don’t stop, your brain will give up before your body gives up”. I thought that was so enlightening and I think of that whenever my legs are shaking to their weakness (even though I have let my brain give up before my body at times).


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