My Sweet Girl


I have probably said this one too many times, but this sweet, amazing, little (old) girl has my heart more than anything. She has been the most loyal, happy and patient dog and I have been so fortunate to have her through so many life changes. She has brought a smile to my face when a smile couldn’t be found and has been there through more ups and downs than I’d like to remember. But there is not one thing I would change about her (even the fact that she takes up the entire bed). Olivia knows when it’s time to play and when it’s time to relax, she is EXTREMELY loyal and follows me everywhere I go, she tends to like males more than females and consistently pretends she has to go outside so she can come back inside right away for a treat!

IMG_3006It has been 14 years since I kept talking to my boyfriend (at the time) about a Maltese that kept coming to visit me at work and little did I know he got the hint (that I didn’t even realize I was dropping) and he was looking to get me one of my own! I have, and will always say, that this little 10 pound ball of fur that fit in the palm of my hand when I first got her was the best gift I’ve ever received.

Two years ago I got back from an AMAZING vacation, (one I hope to do again and write about) and Olivia was not in good condition, her stomach was enlarged, her eye was swollen and she wasn’t herself. I am convinced that she missed me so much and had a stroke.

After multiple visits to the vet, I was told that she had a tumor and I had to “evaluate her quality of life” – there are no words that could hurt me worse than that and I was beyond devastated. THANKFULLY a friend went with me to see the specialist and he spoke to the vet with common sense vs. the crazy emotions that I was experiencing. He asked if we could try antibiotics and the vet said she doubted it would work, but allowed us the opportunity to give it a shot.  The “tumor” started to subside after two weeks and we asked for another two week batch. After numerous prayers and meds it was “healed” and I am so beyond thankful I did actually “evaluate her quality of life” because she was (and still is) the happy, flipping around little (old) girl that makes coming home so enjoyable.

Olivia sleeps with one eye open (her left eye doesn’t shut anymore after the “stroke”), has numerous “old lady bumps” on her body and as my mother says “she’s beyond her prime,” but she’s still happy and in my eyes as cute and sweet as she was almost 14 years ago when I first got her. I know her years are numbered and every family member gives her love like it’s the last time they will see her, but for now, I will continue to be that obnoxious friend who wants to go to pet friendly places so I can spend as much time with her as possible!

I am BEYOND thankful this little (old) girl has given me the love she has over the last 14 years and so happy I went with what my gut was telling me when I had to “evaluate her quality of life” – her wit and happiness was shining through and I went with it!!! THANKFULLY she’s still here and happy (and sleeping in the middle of the bed) 2 years later because I’ve needed (and will continue to need) her love!!!

2 years agoIMG_6170.JPG:















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