A few weeks ago I had to make an emergency road trip to Richmond to help my sister with the kids when her husband was stuck at a hospital in Tokyo. Long story short, he was on a flight from South Korea to Tokyo when he started having trouble breathing and they rushed him to the hospital in Tokyo threatening to do emergency surgery.  He is fine now and was able to come home four days later, but my sister had meetings out of town that she had to attend, so I was fortunate enough to work from home up there and help out.  (Side note: I have my niece and nephew convinced that I’m not an adult because I don’t have kids, came to backfire when my 9 y/o niece was nervous about me watching her overnight because “I’m not an adult”)


So I finished some things up at the office on Friday and jumped in the car for the short 10 hour drive (UGH!)  Halfway to Richmond, my a/c went out, so I opened my sunroof and this random rubber thing fell down and kept blowing in my face – needless to say, I was READY to get there, but made the best of it and blasted music! (My car is a 2009 Acura TL and I still love it and not ready to trade it in – fortunately it only cost $92 to fix the a/c)


Saturday morning we woke up and were trying to figure out what we wanted to do – knowing that it was the first weekend of fall, I started looking for Oktoberfest celebrations and found one in Downtown Richmond.  We went down and my sister and I were happy having a few German beers while Caroline was getting her face painted. The Polka Dancers were so much fun to watch and I could’ve listened to the music all day!

This weekend I went to the Jacksonville Beach Oktoberfest celebration – thinking it would be similar to the Richmond one – WRONG!!! The only Oktoberfest thing that was there was a small little trailer to purchase beer steins. They served Bud Light and we listened to reggae music. Instead of polka dancing, I was entertained by a “hooper” which was a term I just learned!


Don’t get me wrong, it was still a great time, but I’m wanting some REAL fall-like festivals to come to North Florida.  I guess I’ll have to continue to go north as it’ll be hard to find with temps still in the mid-80’s.

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