Take Me Back to Asheville

Yesterday I was at the dentist to get a cavity filled (UGH!) and as I was waiting for the numbing to go into effect, the dentist asked me if I had gone on any trips this summer. I told him all the places I visited and how I wish I was going to the mountains this fall because I LOVE seeing the fall colors. We started sharing mountain experiences and things to do and I immediately mentioned zip-lining at Navitat – something I am proud to say I’ve done twice and will promote the experience to anyone who wants to listen (or in this case, read)!

I have searched endlessly for pictures and didn’t have much luck. In reality, there’s probably not many photos because we were all harnessed in and couldn’t get to our cell phones.  (Apparently now they offer photo/video packages – which would be amazing to have right about now.)

Anyway, I did find a few that were taken from the second time we went in 2012. We went originally in 2010/2011 on a girls trip, but talked about it so much, we decided to include the guys the second time around!


As I was reviewing the website, it look like a lot has changed, but still an AMAZING experience! At the time I went, I recall that it was the longest and highest in the country, I can’t find anything to back up that statement anymore, but regardless, it proves that this is an EXHILARATING experience! The longest zip is 3,600 feet (nearly 3/4 mile long) and speeds reach 65 MPH!

I have to admit, watching the videos online, reading the reviews and reminiscing about the experience, makes me want to go back and I am highly considering taking a random road trip SOON!

There’s so many other things to do in this great state (which I will hopefully write about soon), but this is BY FAR one of my favorite and since fall is here, I thought I’d share for others who are looking for an experience they’ll never forget!

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