Six Ladies in the Big Apple (Part II)


After a restful first night, we were ready to conquer the day which included a hot brunch date and shopping at American Girl. This concept is so incredibly cute and extremely new to me!  We arrived early to get my niece’s American Girls ears pierced and hair done (it was in DESPERATE NEED!) The brunch was actually very cute, they had a chair for the doll to sit and join us, the food was unexpectedly good and complete with dessert that we didn’t even want because we were full.


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After American Girl, we made our way over to Battery Park to go to the Statue of Liberty. The weather could not have been better and my sister was smart enough to make reservations in advance so we were able to go up to the pedestal, which I’d highly recommend! Everything was perfect and we enjoyed people watching from above!


After the Statue of Liberty, we made our way over to Little Italy to have dinner at my sisters favorite restaurant, Da Nico Ristorante. If you are ever fortunate enough to go there, I’d HIGHLY recommend getting the mozzarella sticks – let’s just say, thankfully there were five other people sharing them with me, or I would’ve demolished the entire plate by myself (and the second we one ordered too 😝) SO GOOD!  The wine was an Italian wine that was only $28, so naturally, we had to order at least nfour bottles (not entirely sure, I lost count!)

I will definitely be at Total Wine this weekend hoping they have it! IMG_8801

Unfortunately we were enjoying our wine too much, that we missed going to see a Broadway show like we had originally planned, so we all decided to have a drink at Top of the Rock, well STRIKE TWO and that’s closed on Saturday nights (who does that?!?!) So my sister-in-law and I made the 17ish block trek to the Empire State Building and the views made it worth it, even if I was in heels the entire way (and a hurt knee!) IMG_6384

We took a cab back to our hotel, but we weren’t ready to go back, so went to a great lounge near the hotel, Whiskey Blue, this place was so cute, but we were only able to have one drink before it was time to call it a night! (Not to mention the cute wedding crowd came in and we were feeling a bit underdressed!)


Sunday morning we woke up, got dressed and immediately made our way to The Today Show, they don’t come out on Sunday’s, but Willie Geist and Dylan Dreyer were waving to fans from the windows – it was really nice, plus we made our .5 second debut on the Today Show!

I SPY US!!!! 

We spent our last day at Central Park where we watched street performers, made our way to the sailboat pond, climbed some rocks and I even got myself a great picture that will proudly be displayed in my living room (picture to come after Christmas when I’ll be getting – thanks Mom & Dad!)

Had an amazing lunch afterward before we had to get ready to head back to reality.

THIS IS WHERE THE STORY GETS BAD:  My worst nightmare happened, I left my wallet in a cab 😩 yep, I’ve never done anything like that before, but we were stressed to get packed/checked-out and a lot was going on.  I’m still kicking myself over it, but everything worked out fine.  I jumped in an uber with my sister and got to the airport four hours early, put all my credit cards on hold and my mom gave me her credit card.  At the airport with no ID, but after a few thorough questions – I was able to get through security with three hours to spare!

THIS IS WHERE THE STORY GETS GOOD: I was beating myself up over this mistake. I only had $40 cash, but it’s just a pain to cancel everything that’s on auto-pay and I’m so naive I’m not even sure what someone could do with my other information. FORTUNATELY, I had a very honest cab driver who found my business card and called me immediately (so sweet) but he called my office and I didn’t get the message until I got to work on Monday.  Random fact: I hate the bubbles on my phone, so I turn off my emails (which show voicemails) while  on vacation because it stresses me out and wasn’t even thinking that the driver would find my business card.  Lesson learned!!! My mom extended her trip and the driver dropped it off to her! I WILL be taking a photo of my ID when I get it back, not sure if it will work, but can’t hurt to have it!


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