Over Cocktails

This weekend over cocktails, I will be discussing:

 1.  World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party:  This weekend is by far one of the most exciting weekends in Jacksonville – it is known as the “World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” – although I think the city is trying to remove that stigma, but we ALL KNOW it’s not going anywhere!  It was always a weekend that I prepared for way in advance by making jello shots, having about 5 different outfits planned (let’s face it, it’s late October and it can be extremely hot or unbearably cold), and making sure I have no responsibilities.  I would start tailgating for the Florida/Georgia game on Thursday (and I was actually late to the tailgate because most started a week in advance) and not stop until Sunday. I’d always take off work on Monday to recover from a long/fun weekend. It brings back so many memories, some great and many I don’t want to remember.

Things have changed so much and it’s actually pretty hard for me, I don’t know many people who go downtown to tailgate anymore and I’m at the point where I don’t want to deal with the traffic/parking/rowdiness. I even left town last year, which the 24-year-old in me had a very hard time doing! I’m still living vicariously through those willing to do it and watching from the outside like a kid on the other side of the fence from a playground.



So as I write this, I had to go down memory lane and find the only digital copies I have available  – hard to believe they are from 2006!!!

2.  Hair: I recently saw a picture of me from behind and I was horrified at how stringy and unkempt my hair looked from the back! So over the last two days I decided to play dress up and curl my hair, I know I’m extremely late to this game, but I’ve never been able to curl my hair to make me happy with it and always end up throwing it up in a ponytail.  Today was different, it looked tasseled like I had just woken up, but at the same time, very nicely well done!  I used a hair spray that like most of my hair products go to a bin (it’s like a hair product cemetery because they rarely get used/look at again!

The product was referred by an old coworker approximately four years ago and I bought it immediately called Spray Starch by Redken, I was so excited about the final product that I went online to buy more and it’s been discontinued (of course!) So I went to Redken’s website to do the hair diagnostic tool and it recommends me trying the Control Addict 28 Hair Spray.  I will buy that this weekend and give a full report next week! I’m actually pretty excited!

3.  Wallet Update: My wallet is back in my possession!!! YAY! I gotta admit, it’s been kind of fun not having it and having all my credit cards placed on hold. It was EXTREMELY enlightening how much I purchase just because – for instance, I read an article about a hand cream that I need, I went to Amazon to purchase right away, even though I have a hand cream on my nightstand, at my desk and in my purse. So I refrained because I didn’t want to put more on my mom’s credit card than needed and will wait until at least one of those others are empty!

4.  My Happy Place:. I found one of my happy places and it’s been right in front of me the entire time! A clean house, music playing, TV off, dog laying by my side and candles lit, writing with a glass of wine!  I did this last night and honestly I wasn’t in any mood to start this post tonight, but then I remembered how nice it was last night and here I am an hour later (went through memory lane, remember ☺️)!  I’m going to make it a point to do it more often.  It truly changes my entire mindset and feels so peaceful! IMG_6472.jpg

For the record: I will be putting out my fall decor this weekend!  

5. PRAYER REQUEST: I hate this, but unfortunately I have a few friends who need prayers of healing and strength right now. I don’t want to get in to any of their personal business, but figured it couldn’t hurt to put this request out there!  ❤️

IMG_6479.jpgShe may not want to lay on the couch with me in the evenings, but she sure likes to hang out right in the middle of my bed and cause chaos in the middle of the night!

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