Six Ladies in the Big Apple (Part 1)

IMG_5571My mom, aunt, sister, sister-in-law, and I were so beyond excited to go on our NYC adventure and it did not disappoint!

Plans were made a few months ago to take my 9 year old niece to the Big Apple with “her favorite ladies.” We were there for a long weekend and felt like it was a very successful trip of sightseeing, laughing, eating/drinking and making memories.  My mom and aunt extended their trip because it was my aunts first time in the city and she wanted to make sure she did it all.  (Turns out as I type this, bad weather is coming and when they got a notice that their flight “may” be cancelled they decided to go ahead and extend their stay one more night!)

We landed on Friday morning, dropped off our luggage and went straight to the 9/11 Memorial and OH MY GOODNESS, this was so incredibly well-done. We went through the museum in approximately two hours and felt like we saw most of everything, however, I’m certain I missed some things and look forward to going back again. After all, I did become a member and if you want a tip to get in quickly, let me know!

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IMG_2436After the Memorial, we went straight to meet up with my sister/niece. My sister was waiting patiently with a Stella (or Stellar according to a certain few 😉) for us at a local pub and after sitting in traffic we were BEYOND READY for one!!!

After lunch we walked the city a bit, headed to Times Square, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller Center. It was a great afternoon and I’m convinced I had everyone fooled that I was a city girl as I crossed the streets of NYC acting like I knew what I was doing/where I was going!

We had time to spare (and by time, I mean time for a drink) before our dinner reservations and stumbled upon Sardi’s, which is a restaurant/bar known for the celebrity caricatures surrounding the walls. The drinks were good and it was nice to get off our feet after a long day of traveling/sightseeing.

Dinner reservations were made our first night at Carmine’s – this family style Italian restaurant was highly recommended and they were so busy they weren’t even taking people on a wait list – for someone who doesn’t LOVE Italian (this girl 🙋🏼) I even thought it was EXTREMELY good!

Afterward our friend said she had always wanted to try the ice bar nearby, so of course I was like “OK, Let’s go!” (Obviously – that’s RIGHT UP my alley!) It was so much fun, we bundled up in parkas, gloves and FLIP FLOPS – wait, what? Yeah, I didn’t know we were doing that and had no other choice.  I was ok until most of my second drink was complete, which IN REALITY doesn’t make sense knowing that I had a few strong beverages in my system plus quite a few from earlier. Anyway, everything was ice (even the glasses and seats!) Unfortunately, they wouldn’t allow us to bring cell phones into the bar “for fear of ruining phones” although I’m convinced it was so they could charge for photos.

Regardless, here’s a photo pre-freeze: IMG_4535

And this is what I came home to that evening 😂


Part II will be posted tomorrow, which will include our trip to American Girl, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park, my .5 seconds of airtime and how my trip why my trip was ruined at the end.

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