Halloween Memories

I’ll admit, I’m the first to have a BAD memory, but something about Halloween brings back some crazy memories. . .maybe it’s the nickname I was called for YEARS (and still called to this day by a certain few) or it’s the beginning of the holiday’s which is always exciting.  Regardless, I wanted to share some of my favorite holiday memories. . .

I remember my mom dressed as a devil and I was HORRIFIED!!! I couldn’t believe my mother, who was an angel (and still is in my eyes), would be dressed as a DEVIL! How could she?!?! She was perfect in my five-year-old-eyes and that is the farthest thing from perfect!!!  Of course now I know it’s all in fun, but funny to think how the innocent (a young naive girl) could think it was such a horrible thing!!


As a baby I’m certain my mother had me all dressed up as a cute little pumpkin or an angel, but this was prior to digital photos, so I have no proof.

First thing I remember is being dressed as a “STAR” in 4th grade (and I use that term very loosely because I’m still not certain what I ACTUALLY was), I just remember the costume was hand made by mom and it was itchy and unique, but I got a lot of compliments out of it and representation in my YEAR BOOK!


Next thing you know I was in a new school (5th grade) and we dressed up and I was a French Maid.  Not sure how a 5th grader went as a FRENCH MAID, but I did and the nickname “FIFI” wasn’t long to follow – it was a name that stuck with me throughout grade school and still haunts me to this day! (For the record:  the term “haunt‘ is used EXTREMELY LOOSELY – I’ve grown accustomed to this name and it’s second nature to me)

Sixth grade came and it was then that I realized I was too old to go trick-or-treating anymore, which was unbelievably sad and hard to comprehend. I was with four girlfriends we all went out, probably way too late, and had a slumber party afterward on a school night and slept in my brothers waterbed (anyone have those anymore?!?!)

There were endless parties after that I am half thankful for not having photos of and many I wish I did because we were damn cute (where are my goldilocks photos?!?!) and have some great stories, but I’ll end on this note: Five years ago, I decided to go out with my friend and his family and I may have had one too many witches stew (not sure what kind of alcohol was in it, but I was feeling good) and this kitten started purr’ing on me and immediately I knew she needed to come home with me. IMG_6518

And here’s my lobster! 😍


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