Can’t beat a weekend like this . . .

I need more weekends like this, it was so much fun – I CANNOT complain!!!  Not only was I was able to get everything accomplished, spend time with family and friends and actually feel well rested – THE JAGS GOT A WIN AT HOME!!!! The permasmile could not be wiped from my face 😃

It started out meeting my parents and a few of my aunts/uncles at a local Mexican restaurant on Friday night (if you know me at all, you know Mexican and Margaritas bring an insta-smile to my face!)  We made small talk with the lady next to us about an appetizer she ordered and next thing you know, she said goodbye to us and bought us the appetizer to us to try!  It’s amazing how the smallest gestures can mean the most and make the biggest impact! IMG_6526

The next morning I went to the post office to inquire about the $100 money order that I found a month prior.  The clerk told me it was basically mine and I could do what I wanted with it, something clicked in her head at that moment and said that she recalls a lady coming in approximately a month prior visibly upset that she had lost a money order and she told her she’d put in an inquiry, but doubt anything would happen b/c she didn’t have any record to claim it. I left the money order with the clerk and hoping she was able to reach the lady who lost it.

I then met up with one of my long time best friends and we took her kids to watch the air show on the river. I get little-girl-giddy at air shows watching the bi-planes in the distance do their stunts and the Blue Angels flying directly over us.  A few beers, great show and amazing weather made this the perfect afternoon. IMG_6583.PNG

Afterward, we dropped her kids off at their friends house and jumped on the scooter to a festival in an historic neighborhood that the city is working hard to revitalize. (Yep, two 30-something females riding a scooter around downtown 😝 – I felt like Dumb & Dumber, but I was laughing the entire way) This was my first time attending Porchfest and it did not disappoint.  The only disappointment was that it was the same weekend as the air show (seriously why does everything fall on the same weekend?) We missed the bands playing on the porches but fortunately, we were able to sit on the lawn and listen to live music in the park afterward!

The next morning I woke up early – not unusual to be awake early, but 5:00am was a bit too much for a Sunday!  But seriously, WIDE AWAKE – UGH!! Yes, this was largely in part to the time change and my animals not getting the memo (I feel for all the parents out there who’s kids didn’t get the memo either) but it was kind of nice to relax on the couch and catch up on tv shows I don’t make time to watch during the week before I had to get dressed to head Downtown for the Jacksonville Jaguars game!

My uncle, aunt and cousin invited me to go to the game with them and we had a blast!  They have a friend who has a BEAUTIFUL place in a high-rise on the river and we tailgated there and took the River Taxi across to the stadium. We sat with a great group of people surrounding us and had so much fun!  PLUS THE JAGS WON – AT HOME!!!  YAYAYAYAY!!! Afterward we enjoyed the city views and sat outside in great conversation!

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend, but this time change is SERIOUSLY KILLING me!!! I went to Pure Barre after work, made dinner, washed my face and I was in my pj’s by 7:00pm – I’m only assuming the last time that happened was this time last year and I DON’T LIKE IT ONE BIT!!!

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