Over Cocktails

  1. This week seemed to have all the emotions from extremely high-highs to the lowest of lows and there’s no reason whatsoever for the vast differences. . .could be stresses at work, catching up with someone I truly care about and/or lack of sleep because these animals STILL DON’T GET THE TIME CHANGE THING!!!  But as I was looking through my TimeHop, I came across this picture exactly two years ago:

    (yup, that’s me driving the largest, longest Uhaul truck with everything I own – SCARY!!!!)

    And I remember it being an extremely difficult week for reasons not worth getting into, but I was in a funk and couldn’t snap out of it UNTIL I walked past someone and they gave me the biggest/nicest ear-to-ear smile and I kept thinking about how that little (big) smile really made my day.  So I went in to the office and encouraged everyone to smile at someone else.  I had a full-on conversation with about four coworkers in the break room and pestered them the rest of the day to see if they smiled at a stranger. Who knows if they did, but it made me feel better!

  2. Apparently I’m not the only one who saw the matching pjs for the dog/human on FabDog – I went home to measure Olivia and Andora to figure what size to get them and the next day they were already sold out.  Coworkers were telling me it was a blessing in disguise, but I think it’s so incredibly cute and I may actually be inclined to send out Christmas photos if I could get them to pose in a picture with me.  (last attempt below: IMG_1822
    PS. I’m also the one who wants to having matching pjs with my entire family and if they would do it, I would 110% purchase them!!! 
  3. I’ve had an extremely busy week this week, but I was able to get out and meet a new friend – we met from the app that I discussed last week and it turns out she’s really cool.  We had a nice time, went to Mellow for a couple (ok, three) glasses of wine and talked a lot. We have a lot in common and I’m certain we’ll hang out again! She seems to be a lot like me – we have very similar pasts and personality traits seem to be the same with the same of morals!
  4. Now on to another exciting weekend ahead.  Dinner tonight, exciting/fun wedding tomorrow night and FINGERS CROSSED for another Jags home win on Sunday!


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