Over Cocktails

Well since I missed last week, this post may be a bit long-winded – but let’s face it, that’s nothing new with me!

Day Before Thanksgiving – I’m not sure what made it so great this year, but it was absolutely fantastic. It started on Wednesday night with a dinner at my brothers sister-in-laws house and she’s so great and assigns everyone something to bring.  I get the fortunate benefit of bringing wine and I am not complaining because I work that day and let’s face it, everyone loves the girl who brings wine!


BELIVE IT OR NOT, I went to a Pure Barre Intensive class (75 minutes)  – no, this year, I did not go to Pete’s Bar or sit outside and watch the half marathon runners run by while I have mimosa in hand. (Some will say this was because of the rain, but I signed up way before the forecast and apparently I’m growing up!!!)

Don’t get me wrong, mimosas were poured directly after class – WARNING:  I didn’t even shower before I had one 😳

We then went over to my aunt/uncle’s house and I was in charge of appetizers – again, another hit to the party because people (ahem, me!) come hungry and immediately looking for appetizers! Plus, I love it because I get to bring what I want – WIN/WIN!!! (Deviled eggs and brie pastry cups FOR-THE-WIN!)

Pay no attention to the wine-stained lips/teeth!

BLACK FRIDAY: In case you couldn’t tell by the wine stained lips/teeth above, I was in no condition to drive home on Thanksgiving, so I stayed at my parents house and woke up to read the Black Friday deals, I have NEVER been a Black Friday shopper (crowds are not my thing!) BUT as I was looking through the ads,  I saw the Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner on sale from $500 to $300 and was about to purchase ONLINE from Best Buy and my mom said I should check Bed Bath and Beyond to get an additional 20% off and IT WORKED! I got a $500 Vacuum for $256 delivered directly to my door and I didn’t even leave the house! The Dyson arrived Tuesday night and I have never been so excited to set it up and start vacuuming.  Is this what 36 feels like?!?! 

WEEKEND: Saturday and Sunday – I had the unfortunate benefit of watching my two favorite teams (Florida Gators and Jacksonville Jaguars) lose in football. But at least I was in good company. On Sunday, I got the entire family to meet me at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Jags for a pre-birthday celebration.  It was so nice to have everyone around, even if it was a LOSS.

Two other bonuses to my weekend include:

Saturday: Lunch date with one of my best friends from Atlanta, we sat outside at ZETA and I’m going to go on record and say their brunch was PHENOMENAL!!

Sunday: I got to meet this little guy (a whopping two weeks old) and catch up with his momma for a couple hours!  💙💙IMG_6777.jpg

MONDAY aka MY BIRTHDAY!!! I have always been “that” person who embedded my birthday in my friends/family members heads NOVEMBER 27th, so it came as no surprise when I tried to send out a “let’s catch up over drinks on Monday ” text to my friends, they all knew that it was really a reason to get together and celebrate my birthday – even though in all honesty, there were plenty of other things to be celebrated! I had some of my best friends join me at Cowford Chophouse for happy hour and appetizers and the weather/views were fantastic! I’ve known most of these girls more than half my life and feel so fortunate that they will all be life-long friends!


On another side note – I have always been an avid TODAY show viewer, watch it every morning as I’m getting dressed for work.  The news broke this week about Matt Lauer getting fired for sexual misconduct. Obviously I am reading these news stories VERY INTENTLY and without getting into the scandal itself,  I am absolutely dumfounded by how many people have such horrible grammar/spelling when commenting on these stories!! I cannot understand how people will have so much to say, but say it so incredibly stupid for ANYONE to read! That’s my rant for the day!


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