Ugly Christmas Sweater

A friend of mine decided to do an Ugly Sweater Bar Crawl out at the beach for her 30th birthday so I had a genius (using that term extremely facetiously) idea to make my own ugly sweater.

$42 in supplies

5 hours lost on a rainy Saturday

Compliments Received: PRICELESS

Let me start by saying: I am not creative AT ALL, but it was a rainy Saturday and I figured I had some time to test my creativity! I went to Walmart because I figured they’d have the best selection of gaudy Christmas stuff and I was RIGHT!  After spending an hour grazing the aisles and fraternizing with the people of Walmart I found everything I needed.

(Side note:  I saw a meme the other day that said “It would be great if Walmart added an upper level observation deck with a full bar” SO TRUE – I’d spend some time there! 😂)

SUPPLIES:  One long sleeved red shirt (one would think “It’s Florida, why would I want to wear a sweater?” Well, joke was on me, temps got down to 30 degrees!!!!) garland, tassel, cheesy ornaments, iron-on letters, small Christmas tree skirt, and of course a star!

Step 1: I already screwed up – supposed to wash the shirt before iron-on letters, I didn’t have time for that, so straight to ironing I went. . .screw up #2:  I’m not sure what I did and really don’t want to admit what I know I did wrong, but basically I lost some letters.

Step 2: Put garland on shirt – screw up #3:  I attempted to use fabric glue for this portion – dumb idea!  Basically the garland did not want to stick to the fabric glue and I spent way too much time trying to get it to stick and I’m still peeling glue off my fingers! Better off using safety pins, which is what I ended up doing for half the tree and you couldn’t even see them! (This would’ve saved me SO MUCH time!)

Step 3: Use the fabric glue to put the skirt on the tree, wrap the ornaments around the garland and use safety pins to put the tassel on the sleeves  – FINALLY something that didn’t result in a screw-up.

Step 4: HOW DO I PUT THE DAMN STAR AT THE TOP, I still don’t have an answer to this, but I used ribbon and safety pins to tie it in tightly. Screw up #4: Star fell off at some point during the night!

Step 5: Use ribbon to tie candy canes to the back – I made lots of friends with this simple idea throughout the night! Even got offered a drink for one, I happily did not accept

Step 6: Put the shirt on, that was a task in itself – I needed someone to help with this, I lost some candy canes and became trapped in my shirt, but managed to survive and glad no one was there to witness this!


The night was a blast, my uber driver got a kick out of seeing me waiting for her in all my glory, I received lots of compliments on my outfit and really enjoyed looking at all the other ugly sweaters! By the end of the night, I lost my tassel on my right shoulder and my star, but I gained lights for my tree! My tree kept falling off, but thankfully I brought extra safety pins.

LESSON LEARNED:  Would’ve been much easier/cheaper if I would’ve bought one, but proud to said it was handmade and a Pip original! Fortunately I got a new vacuum on Black Friday, so I actually enjoy vacuuming up all the remnants of my outfit 😝

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