Over Cocktails

I’m not sure what happens this time of the year, but seriously how does the week pass by so quickly?!?! I can’t even explain what I did last week and why there wasn’t an “Over Cocktails” post, but here I am tonight starting one at 9:55! I told myself this morning I would be on the couch at 7:30 writing and in bed at a decent hour – clearly I’ve already messed that one up!

  1. First and foremost:  I have been asked to be the MAID OF HONOR in one of my best friends weddings. I am honestly so friggin excited to be such a huge part in her big day!!! She deserves the absolute best and I am so incredibly happy for her!

Me with the beautiful bride-to-be at her sisters wedding earlier this year!

I’m not going to deny that I had a STRANGE feeling I was going to be in the wedding – especially when she asked me for my dress and shoe size and if I liked the bridesmaids dresses😝  (So generous that she purchased these for us!!!) She asked in the cutest way, but to be honest, I didn’t expect anything less from her! She is doing everything perfect for her perfect day! I did have to read it a couple times to see that it said Maid of Honor!!! 



2. IMG_7065.jpgI have really been making a conscience effort to try new things.  I’m not GREAT at it, but really trying. As most know, I am an incredibly picky eater – I hate it and wish I could change it.  I didn’t bring my lunch to work and decided to try a food truck. VERY RARELY do I eat out for lunch, but I had no choice and I was in a rush. Naturally I started walking toward a food truck that I know I love, but realized I needed to try something different, so I went to an Asian-Mexican cuisine truck – ummm….what is Asian-Mexican?!?! I was going to find out. . .

Already out of my comfort zone, I decided to follow the trend and go with didn’t go with a ramen burrito, not a typical taco.  It was weird, but it was good, I wouldn’t say “crave-able good”, but I’d eat it again! Of course I custom ordered it to my liking with no veggies – I ended up taking out most of the ramen, so looking back maybe I didn’t venture too far from my comfort zone. . .🤔

3. So, this is the real reason for me starting this post so late.

Conversation with my mother this morning

Mom: “You really should decorate for Christmas you have such pretty Christmas decor.”

Me: “It’s a lot of work and I’m planning on cleaning tonight.”

Mom: “Where do you keep your Christmas decorations?”

Me: “In the shelves in the garage.”

{Conversation over}

Came home from work and started thinking about conversation with mom and I realized I should decorate, so I had the genius idea to decorate for an hour and then relax on couch. HAHA – jokes on me! Three and a half hours later I was on the couch and writing this blog post! The funny part is halfway through decorating, mom calls me asking how my cleaning is going, I said I thought about what she said and decided to decorate! THEN SHE HAD THE AUDACITY TO TELL ME SHE WAS GOING TO COME OVER AND SURPRISE ME BY DECORATING MY PLACE FOR ME!!! UGH – If only I waited one more day! Regardless it made us both laugh. I don’t have a tree. but I did put up half of my decorations and I even put lights on the exterior of my house!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m not sure why it took so long, but it did and I’m happy with the little bit of decor I put out!


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