Christmas 2017

Is anyone as exhausted from Christmas as I am? And I’ll be the first to admit, I have NO EXCUSE, I don’t have anyone to worry about but myself (and Olivia, but she doesn’t REALLY count). My only excuse is that I basically move in to my parents house once my sister and her family gets in town.

My sisters family  arrived the Thursday before Christmas and I surprised them, like an idiot, by sitting in the garage with a bow on my head and my nephew was sent out and saw me sitting there! I love how these kids love me! 


I was supposed to take the kids to the zoo on Friday, but ended up convincing (which was not hard at all) my niece to get manicures and then my nephew caught up with us for a “date” at Mellow Mushroom. . .where they discovered the wiki-sticks for the first time – WHAT?!?!


We went to my sisters in-laws house for dinner on Friday and OH MY GOODNESS, they know how to do it right, not an inch in the house left undecorated and the food was AH-MAH-ZING!

We spent Saturday at the Alhambra and it was so nice to listen to the kids laughing incessantly at SCROOGE!!! I need to go there more often and maybe bring one of these adorable kiddos so I can hear the laughing at the live performances!


Alhambra with the family!

Christmas Eve was spent at my Aunt/Uncle’s house who always does a wonderful Italian meal – let’s face it, I don’t even like Italian, but I always seem to go back for seconds at their house!!! IT IS SO GOOD!! Normally I’m much better at pictures (and tend to annoy people way too much), but didn’t get any this night – which is a shame, because I really liked my outfit! But I guess we were all having a great time and not even thinking about pictures!

Christmas morning Sunday was perfect.  We made the kids wait to come out and see/open all the gifts (much like my parents used to do to us) and this picture pretty much sums how we all feel in the “waiting” process:


Then after opening gifts, in True Pippin Fashion, we made drinks and had another great meal(s) (and not in True Pippin Fashion – we stayed in our PJs all day long)!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We did a White Elephant gift exchange on Tuesday and karaoke at my request and it was a blast!


On Wednesday, my friend Nikki GRACIOUSLY said she wanted to go to ICE! with me and I was BEYOND THANKFUL, especially when I started hesitating knowing that I’d be in the car with two rivaling siblings for a total of 5 hours by myself.  But thankfully she wanted to join us and her kids and my niece/nephew got along great and we had an absolute blast!

ICE!  is a Winter Wonderland with tubing and walking around in 9 degrees of ice sculptures.  This was something I’ve been dying to do for years, and finally had an excuse to go when I “adopted” my niece/nephew for a day!  It was BEYOND FREEZING once we were inside the venue and we felt like fools walking in to the hotel (in 80 degree weather) all bundled up and sweating, but it was well worth it!

That’s a wrap for the holiday’s – I tried to spare every detail, but I can promise, it was spent enjoying each others company and wishing the moment would last longer while at the same time, wanting to get back to some sort of normalcy!  But now that I’ve had a day to put my Christmas decor away, I’m ready for the craziness to start again!

I’m BEYOND EXCITED to share with you tomorrow my Monthly Resolutions, not New YEARS RESOLUTIONS, so stay tuned!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!!


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