Monthly Resolutions

IMG_7524Let’s be honest, I am already ending 2017 in a manner that I would’ve never expected. . . I am sitting in a Starbucks by myself drinking coffee and blogging. . .I am new to this whole coffee scene and actually enjoying it; the music is nice, the people are friendly and I don’t have a dog begging to sit on my lap or a cat about to throw up on my couch – yep that happened last night.

2017 was a great year and I am not complaining, but I am really looking forward to starting a new year with new goals and expectations.  Some highlights of the year include:

  • Visited seven states
  • Started Pure Barre journey
  • Joined (and helped implement) a new team at work
  • “Survived” a hurricane
  • Drove a NASCAR
  • Ended a relationship (not going to lie – this one was tough to go through)
  • Started “A Lil Bit of Pip” blog!

Anyway, back to the “Monthly Resolutions”. I am SUPER excited about these, obviously there’s the typical “Lose Weight” “Be a Better Person”  “Exercise” BLAH BLAH BLAH New Years Resolutions, but instead this year, I’m going to try something different to motivate me in a different way EACH MONTH!

January – Dry January

  • No alcohol the entire month of January! I can do this and after a full month of Christmas festivities my liver will be extremely thankful!

February – Home Improvement Project

  • I have an on-going “Daddy-do” list, I am not handy AT ALL, so I am vowing to do a Home Improvement Project BY MYSELF without my dads help (but may need to borrow some of his tools)

March – Take a Random Road Trip 

  • Doesn’t matter where or who with, but the weather in March is usually the nicest and I LOVE to put my sunglasses on and just drive – who knows where the road may take me!

April – Host a Party 

  • And by “Host a Party” I mean “Host-a-Party” to the fullest extent, printed invitations,  place cards

May – No Eating Out 

  • I can “Go Out” but I can’t EAT out

June – Pay it Forward

  • This speaks for itself.

July – Plan a Themed GNO

  • I’ve had plenty of girls night out ideas and I have never implemented them – this is my chance!

August – Take a day off from work and do something for ME! 

  • Spa day, cleaning/organizing, whatever would make me happy for a day!

September – No Social Media

  • Cannot get on Instagram or Facebook the entire month of September

October – Take a vacation

  • The leaves are changing and the weather is perfect this time of year for a vacation – whether it’s close or far away, go somewhere!  (Fingers crossed I can plan and make a trip overseas for this one)

November – NO Spend November

  • Cannot spend money on myself – this will be tough with Black Friday sales (especially if I have the same mindset I did as this Black Friday, but it’ll be good!)

December – Do Something Selfless

  • I am so incredibly fortunate and this is the month for giving, so I want to give my time and/or money and do something for others!

Some other additional things I want to accomplish include: 

  • Trying a new recipe a few times each month
  • Get better about saying my prayers before I eat and bedtime – I am ashamed to say that I’ve let this go.  
  • Strike up a conversation with a random stranger. 




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