Over Cocktails

  1. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of the excitement surrounding another Jaguars WIN and NOW we are one game away from the Super Bowl!!! I am so friggin excited for this game on Sunday…..nervous, but EXTREMELY excited! I just hope we surprise the nation and win against the Patriots! My dad told me the other day that “I have to believe” . . . . UMMM seriously dad, I’ve been believing all along! 
  2. With that being said, I fell off the wagon last weekend watching the game.  I was sitting at the bar and seeing these towers filled with this yummy bubbly stuff all around me and I couldn’t help myself.  I’m not going to lie either – I don’t feel bad about it and will likely do it again on Sunday. There’s just something about watching the Jags play an AH-MAH-ZING game with tons of my closest friends (aka Jags fans)!  I surprisingly have some really great willpower and have given up alcohol for lent a few times, but c’mon, let’s face it, that’s giving it up for God, not me and my Jaguars! However, in an effort to live up to my New Years Resolution for January, I will extend Dry January by two days – I know it’s not the same, but it’s the best I got! And let’s hope come February 4th I will actually be excited to watch the Super Bowl and not just the commercials/halftime show. . . with a beer in hand!😏
  3. Last week I mentioned that I got sick, well here I am nine days later with a lingering cough and NO VOICE!!! Yes, that could have something to do with the incessant screaming I was doing on Sunday, but in reality it’s primarily because of my cough.  Random Pippin Fact #840: one of my vocal cords is paralyzed and when I have a cough, I’m straining the only one I use. I know this because I went to the doctor who stuck a microscope up my nose, down my throat (story for another time) and said I was only using one.  Anyway, I have very little voice right now and it’s driving me INSANE!!!  Others may secretly be loving it, but I can’t stand the silence and fear it’ll continue after the Jake Owen concert tonight and game on Sunday. . .
  4. This is the last bit of Jaguars talk, but click here to see a short three minute video telling America who the Jaguars are and asking everyone to cheer for us this weekend:  Video Image
  5. And in an effort to post something other than Jaguars related, here’s a picture of me and my girls.  I have never been successful at getting them both to participate, but always laugh at the attempts! (And this must’ve been pre-smile/cat jumping away)IMG_7625.jpg
  6. I LIED. . .


Jags Fifer and Pip

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