Over Cocktails

THANK GOODNESS IT IS FINALLY FRIDAY and FEBRUARY!!! Anyone else feel like this week has DRAGGED on and on and on, and that doesn’t even compare to the month of January, which was just not a good month and I am beyond excited that it’s in the rearview mirror now! 

I’ve got a lot of things to look forward to in February and ready to use this weekend as a kick off to a great month!   


Thanks Nikki for the perfect picture!

  1. I’m officially a F-A-I-L-U-R-E and I am more than ok with it, but I didn’t make it through Dry January. Obviously, there were the two Jaguars playoff games where I conceded and had a few beers because as I’ve said before, there’s something wrong wtih watching football and drinking water! But I was going to extend Dry January by two days and I didn’t even make it to that point ☹ I had a rough week and decided my sanity was worth being a failure by a couple days and to be honest – I have no regrets!
  2. I tried a few new places in town last weekend and LOVED them all (and as I write this post, I’m highly embarrassed at how bad I was this weekend with my food choices – although, in my defense, I don’t feel I was that bad, I maintained portion control and still worked out every day!)
    1. Grub Burger – just opened at Town Center, TECHNICALLY I didn’t eat, but my friends got extra food that a server just graciously gave them to try and I came in and it was staring me in the face and I had to have a bite or two! So good, plus they have a full-service bar. WIN – WIN!
    2. Mini Donut – first off, I am not a sweets lover, but I had to try to this place. They have all different types of flavors and you could try three mini donuts for $2.50 – NOT BAD AT ALL! The line probably took about 25 minutes to get through, but fortunately Southern Swells (brewery next door) was having their one-year anniversary party, so I was GTG with a beer in hand!!! For the record, I got the fruity pebbles (because I wanted to try something I wouldn’t normally get), the peanut butter cup (which was my absolute favorite), and the honey maple bacon (which are definitely worth a try) donuts!
    3. Cheddar’s – went with one of my favorite ladies who I’m fairly confident won’t ever read this because I don’t think she reads my blog…one day we were talking and I said “Oh, I’ll write about that in my ‘Over Cocktails’ post” and she said “OMG, that is such a cute idea!!!” HAHA!!! It’s always great to catch up with her, I didn’t eat nearly enough of my food, but I was so impressed at how reasonable the place was – it was packed and the wait was about an hour.
    4. Florida Cracker Kitchen – This is a MUST, I’m not sure if it was just the comfortable feeling of good cooking, the Bloody Mary bar out front (or in my case – the mimosa bar), sitting outside on the Adirondack chairs while waiting an hour for a table, or the amazingly cute retail shop – still regretting not getting that hat (guess I’ll be going back soon!) But enjoyed the company with my friend Matt, who is always up for trying new things with me! 
  3. I did a poll on Instagram last week to determine if the majority of people like strawberry jelly or grape jelly more on their PB&Js. I am a grape jelly lover, but apparently the minority at 22%.IMG_7697
  4. I went to the theater play of Lion King last night and it was SO INCREDIBLY good.  The costumes in itself made the show and I kept thinking to myself how I lack creativity after seeing those! My mom graciously gave me her ticket, so I spent the evening with a wonderful group of ladies (her best friends which included my two of my favorite aunts!) 
  5. Just for A Lil Bit of Cuteness

    Hung with this little man this week who told his mom that I was “kind”


    LOVE when cat sits like this!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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