Over Cocktails

I have been MIA and I have absolutely NO excuse other than the fact that I haven’t had much to say – I KNOW, IT SHOCKS ME TOO!!!

Something about this week has been out of the ordinary. I don’t know if it’s because work has been crazy busy, I skipped Taco Tuesday or I’ve been extremely domesticated all week. Regardless, I’m not complaining, but……I’m not loving it either.

  1. I had a great weekend last weekend.  It included dinner at my brother and sister-in-laws house on Friday (somehow they watched Olivia for me AND made me dinner) where they made low-carb tacos – the cheese was melted into a taco shell and it was DELICIOUS! I WILL be making these myself.  Saturday kicked off with two pure barre classes, cleaning and then catching up with great friends at some local breweries – Green Room/Southern Swells…..my kind of Saturday; exercise, productive and fun with a great group of people. Then celebrated dad’s birthday over the Super Bowl and watched the Eagle’s win – THANK GOODNESS!! (Should’ve been Jags, but whatever, I’m not bitter! 😝)
  2. I am quickly realizing I need to SLOOOOWWWWW down.  I have always been a self-proclaimed very impatient person.  Well, I realized I just need to slow down after driving my aunts around last week and basically taking ten years off their lives as they were holding on to Oh Sh*t bar for the less than five minute ride! So I’ve really been working on it and I can’t promise that I will succeed, but be patient (see what I did there!😝)
  3. On that note, I was leaving for Pure Barre yesterday morning at 5:45 as I do every morning and apparently didn’t wait for the garage to go up fully (#halfasleep).  The sound of a garage door hitting your car is NOT a something you want to hear first thing in the morning.  I could’ve sworn it cracked my back windshield, but fortunately, it only took off my little fin (over my antennae) at the top of my car and there’s a dent in it that you can barely see.  It’s honestly not that bad, but terrified me and I’m still a bit depressed about it. I have never hurt my car, and although I got it in ’09 – I still absolutely love it and don’t want another one. Recently I joked with one of my friends saying if I won the lottery I don’t think I would buy another car, he quickly called my bluff and I’m pretty sure he’s right, but sadly that’s not a decision I have to deal with right now. IMG_7802 2
  4. As I mentioned earlier, I have been very domesticated all week by staying home and cooking/cleaning/laundry every night.  I signed up for Hello Fresh and received my first  three meals. My evenings have been spent prepping/cooking.  These meals have all been so yummy and I love the fact that it’s perfect portion control and you don’t have a lot of leftover glazes, sauces, spices, etc. NO pictures though, but I have run the dishwasher WAY more than usual 😉 I doubt I will keep the subscription going on a permanent basis, but it’s nice to have different dinner options! 
  5. My credit card has been compromised.  What a friggin PITA!!! All my automatic payments have to be rescheduled and trying to figure those out will be a task in itself.  SO extremely frustrating! 😡
  6. fullsizeoutput_1b21I can go on and on talking about “This Is Us” – it is SERIOUSLY one of the best shows I’ve ever seen (granted I’m not a great judge, since I don’t watch a lot of tv) but I put my phone on “Do Not Disturb” when watching each episode and fully engage in the hour of television and LOVE every second! Of course Jack Pearson would get the dog AND the photo albums!!! ❤️

Anyway, my sister, cousin and his family are in town this weekend and I am beyond excited to spend it hanging with the people I love the most! I hope to have more to talk about next week …. although looking back, I think I did ok for some mindless reading on a Friday morning 😂!  


Have a great weekend! 

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