Over Cocktails

Another mindless “Over Cocktails” post today – in all honesty, it was one of the reasons I decided to start writing this blog…I truly enjoyed going in to work, sipping on my protein shake, and reading something that I didn’t have to truly process for the first 30ish minutes of my day (don’t tell my bosses), so I figured I’d contribute to it and start my own mindless reading..

There are other reasons for this blog and I PROMISE I have some pretty exciting things to report in the next few weeks, but bear with me as I finalize all the details!!! 

  1. First and foremost:  Happy Birthday to my favorite brother and my favorite nephew.  My brother, who is only 14 months younger than I am, is one of my biggest fans of this blog and I truly appreciate his support and encouragement.  He has been a staple in my life as we were inseparable as children, then grew into teenagers who drove our parents crazy with the constant bickering and now he drives me crazy with his obnoxious kiss-up smirk. But don’t tell him this:  I love him and would’t change a thing about him. He is an excellent husband, great son/brother/friend and amazing father two his lil chihuahua’s.

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    I didn’t realize my nephew would capture my heart as much as he did, he is so incredibly patient, sweet and full of life. He’s smart and fun and I enjoy every second I get to spend with him! I hate that’s he’s turning 12 today, but love watching him grow and interacting with him even if it’s on FaceTime and he’s making ugly faces!!!

  2. Last was a great weekend spent with family and fairly confident I’ve mentioned this one too many times but I am so incredibly fortunate to have the family I do, we have recently reconnected with a family member and are so beyond thankful to have them in our lives! 

  3. I have heard of two incidents of people taking chances and making changes in their life this week. Bethany Watson, a host on Elvis Duran, announced this week that she will be leaving the show to pursue other adventures and then a friend of mine put in his two weeks notice after realizing for a few months that he was way too unhappy and life is too short to feel that way! It’s a HUGE decision, but those chances are necessary at times and definitely not easy! I am so excited for my friend and will continue to follow Bethany to see where lives little adventures take her.  IMG_7676
  4. PSA for the day: I have used the detox foot pads and I’m not a holistic person (not even sure if this would be considered holistic), but they are AMAZING! I’m not going to deny it – it could all be in my head, but every time I sleep with these on my feet, I wake up before my alarm – extremely well-rested and energized.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them and I have already bought my next set! 

    Have a great weekend! Looking forward to catching up with friends this weekend for some more birthday festivities and out-of-town guests!!!😘

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