Over Cocktails

So much to say, so little time – currently at the airport about to fly out to Lexington to visit my good friend Kristin! This week has flown by and I’ve been non-stop and needing a little break from reality.  Woke up this morning, went to Pure Barre and straight to the beach to watch the sunrise – even though I was about five minutes too late, it was still very nice to get out and see a little piece of the world coming to life!

1. Last weekend was B-U-S-Y, but I was not complaining – I was able to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a while. Went out for a friends 30th birthday to River & Post and I CANNOT wait to go back, the food was amazing and the rooftop bar was like something you don’t see in Jacksonville. I kept telling others how I felt like I was in a different city!IMG_7891 The night turned into a few more drinks and these pictures pretty much sums it up – needless to say, I did not make it to barre the next morning!

Saturday one of my most favorite people and her fiancé was in town, so I joined them for lunch along with one of my other favorite people and her husband! We spent FOUR hours outside enjoying the sunshine, laughing and catching up!!! IMG_7982 Sunday I got an invite to head down to Daytona for the 500 – I used to go to these races all the time as a child and it was just as much fun this time – the weather was absolutely perfect and even more fun running into one of my best friends, Nikki!!! Thanks to Instagram, I knew she was there and immediately sent her a text – she was one section over from me. Our friends kept saying “You two need to keep in better touch” and we were like “we talk almost every day – how much better do we need?” But both of our trips were last minute and she’s never been and I haven’t been in probably 10 years, so it didn’t even cross either of our minds!

Of course, I’d be foolish not to mention my little claim to fame here when I drove a NASCAR at Daytona International Speedway – read more about it here!

Nascar 3


I had Monday off for President’s day and once again, enjoyed the beautiful sunshine catching up with another old friend who recently moved away! Afterward I met up with my girls for dinner/movie! IMG_7918Clearly I enjoyed as much Vitamin D as possible last weekend and wrote this post way too fast, but they are boarding my flight now and I am going up north to cold weather, but looking forward to experiencing a new city!!!

Have a great weekend!!! 


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