A lil bit of Lexington!

Another successful trip in the books! This time – Lexington, KY….I know how it sounds….who thinks of going on a vacation to Lexington unless you’re a huge bourbon drinker, there for the horse races or basketball – but nope, neither of those were my reasons – I went to visit my friend Kristin who moved out there a while ago and I will say, it was a great trip!

I was a bit thrown off when I arrived in this tiny airport with only a few terminals. I could jump and reach the ceilings, there was a bunch of bourbon barrels in the windows and as the luggage came out it made the sound of the start of a horse race.  Clearly I was in a city that LOVES their bourbon and horses (every street sign even had horses on them)!

Friday night we had reservations at a really nice steak restaurant, Tony’s of Lexington, and it was one of the best steaks I’ve had…and I’ve had A LOT! I sipped on a bourbon cocktail – being completely out of my element, but knowing that in Lexington that’s what you are supposed to do. I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed it, but I don’t know my limits and that scares me, so I only enjoyed a couple. We then went out to a couple bars and had an unexpectedly great time, stayed out WAY too late, made some new friends and countless memories to laugh at over the weekend.


Saturday, I let Kristin sleep in until 10:30 and if you know me at all, you know I am a morning person and ready to get up and get going!  I think we were both moving a bit slowly, so I was not complaining this time. We headed out to my kind of place for lunch, Hopcat.  Too many beers on tap made for a difficult decision and I wasted no time ordering the buffalo chicken wontons – needless to say, I was in absolute heaven, but highly disappointed when I was told that we were getting one in Florida, somewhere near Jacksonville – then I asked the next person and she said Port St. Lucie 🤔 (Only about 3.5 hours from Jacksonville)IMG_7996

It was a rainy/nasty day, so we relaxed a bit before hitting up some local breweries, Mirror Twin Brewing and Ethereal Brewing


We then caught up with our “new” friends that were in town for the UK Basketball game. (For the record, I think the uber driver wanted to kick me out when I asked “Isn’t Kentucky known for their love of basketball?” 😝)

The rain got worse and we were a soaking mess by the end of the night.  Probably didn’t help that I decided to run in the rain and jump in every puddle along the way vs. getting in a packed uber.  But it definitely made for another fun/exciting night!

Sunday, we woke up and went to a really cool brunch spot, County Club, before heading out to enjoy the little bit of sunshine that peeked out.  Unfortunately, the sun did not dry up the trail paths at raven run nature sanctuary and we attempted to hike these trails, but it was WAY too muddy and slippery. After the upteenth time we almost fell, we decided we’d rather have all of our limbs in place and not be in a cast over the next few months and turned around. We did see three deer though!

We were both needing to get some sort of exercise in, even if it was just a little, so we went to the University of Kentucky and walked the paved path there, had an early dinner and home and on the couch to watch a movie by 7:30!

Now, back to reality, detoxing and eating “my version of healthy” until next weekend when family is in town visiting!

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