Over Cocktails

Well here I am, another day late, another week shot. I have failed at writing these posts as consistently as I’d like and truthfully I can’t make any promises that will change in the next few weeks 😔 with way too much going on!! But I’ll do my best to always have an “Over Cocktails” post.

  1. I had a friend in town last weekend and I loved showing him some of my favorite spots in Jacksonville.  He arrived on Thursday night and we immediately went to TacoLu to enjoy some of the best Mexican in town, then over to Hoptinger for a quick beer. Friday we went to dinner at Barrique – an amazing new restaurant in Avondale. He enjoyed a Moscow mule as I quenched my thirst with a much needed glass of wine. At the recommendation of the server, we shared food (calamari, goat cheese ravioli and polenta fries) and we were not complaining, everything was absolutely amazing! On our way home, we hit up Aardwolf and I immediately questioned why I don’t go there more often – close to work, close enough to home and Olivia is welcome.  When I started to get upset about having to leave with no good/draft beer at home, he made the most obvious suggestion for me to get a crowler. SERIOUSLY – why have I never actually considered this?  Saturday, I felt so culturalized (which is apparently not a word, but a word that I like and I’m going to continue using) when we went to the LIBRARY – yes, I went to the LIBRARY on a SATURDAY!!! I shocked myself too!!! We went to the Riverside Arts Market and then walked the riverwalk to the library downtown to see an exhibit that featured a piece of art by Banksy (an anynomous graffiti artist) that was done in San Francisco – it’s actually pretty interesting and I was ashamed that I have driven past the signs for months and didn’t pay any attention to them.  More info. IMG_8312.jpgAfter our long walk – we went to lunch and then to another one of my favorites Wicked Barley and then Southern Swells.  Sunday, we went for a long walk on the beach and then down to Caps where he made the comment “Yeah, this doesn’t suck” – I couldn’t have said it better as I was ordering my second Goombay Smash! We went walked around downtown St. Augustine and then met up with some friends where he quickly realized I have a serious disability when it comes to directions as I was trying to follow Google Maps and couldn’t understand why it kept buzzing at me when I was going the wrong way! 🤷‍♀️  The rest of the trip was low-key.  He went to Little Talbot Island while I was at work and enjoyed how deserted it was. I fell asleep every night on the couch, shocked him with new made-up words and even tortured him to work on a puzzle with me but somehow I still convinced him to stay an extra day and join me and my friends for Taco Tuesday.  The rest of my week was spent recovering and catching up on sleep, and here we are at the weekend AND St. Patricks day – for the first time ever, I don’t have any plans!  ☘️


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