Over Cocktails

I’m not going to lie, there’s not even a tiny ounce of me that wants to write this tonight, my couch is seeming extremely warm and comfortable and my eyes are KILLING me, so there’s no guarantee of humor, wit or anything intelligent for that matter – so, basically nothing different from any other week!

  1. Last weekend – was a great weekend, but in reality, it was St. Patrick’s Day, so how could it be bad? 🍀 Friday, I kept it easy and hung with my girlfriends to watch a movie….but in true Pippin fashion, I had to leave before the movie even started!  We had too much fun laughing, eating off the charcuterie board (that no one could pronounce) and catching up on all that life has to offer. But when the movie was going to start after 9:00, I knew I was doomed, so spared myself the embarrassment of passing out during the opening credits and just headed straight home!

    Saturday – went to Pure Barre then caught up with friends to bike ride at the beach and celebrate St. Patricks Day at Graffiti Junktion 🤔 but they did have green beer, so I had to oblige (even though I later got made fun of friends for jumping on that bandwagon! IMG_8328.jpg

    Saturday night I met up with some great friends who I don’t see nearly enough and stupidly did not get any pictures, but it was a great time catching up with them and loving on their babies.

    Sunday – it was an absolutely beautiful day, so I decided to go somewhere different and jumped in the car to drive up to Big Talbot Island where I could walk around and climb some driftwood.


  2. I mentioned earlier that my eyes were hurting tonight, well, I was “selected” to be a part of a study to try out new contacts. I received two weeks of free contacts (I’m in daily disposables) and get $50 for each visit (there’s only two visits total). Seemed like a no-brainer, especially when they handed me a $50 bill (not a check or a gift card) However, that $50 wasn’t seeming all that great when my eyes were killing me the latter half of the day and I had to remove my contacts as soon as I got home.  A coworker even questioned why my eyes were all red!

    Just an extremely creepy picture of my eye I took years ago, but I find it fascinating!

    3. Pure Barre challenge is almost over and I should receive $30 to spend in retail (sorry for all the check-ins on Facebook, but it would be the only way to reach the points needed to get the $30).  On that note:  I purchased this top and hoping more come in stock because I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!


    It’s going to be another exciting weekend and I will be going Hang Gliding in Fernandina – wish me luck and say a few prayers!


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