New Adventure!

Well here it is, something I’ve been plotting, planning and praying for….for a VERY LONG time. I could say it’s been five months, but in reality it’s been more like five years. Five years of me wanting a change, but not knowing how I could make this change happen. I realized I needed to get out of Jacksonville and experience living in another city. But to be honest – I love Jacksonville, I love my family who live in Jacksonville, I love my friends that I have grown up with and those that I have made along the way, I love my job and my house that I have made my home over the last nine years – all in JACKSONVILLE.  So why would I risk leaving all these things for the uncertainty of living in a foreign city, the uncertainty if I will love it or hate it?  This is the question I have been battling for a VERY, VERY LONG time! But I needed to figure it out and I needed to get out even it were for a short time.

A few months ago, I found out a super great/amazing couple was looking for a temporary place to live this summer and willing to live in my furnished house and even better – willing to keep my cat!!! This was clearly the perfect opportunity for me to get this “itch” out of my system. But the big thing I needed to figure out was the whole J-O-B thing, so I approached my bosses and explained my situation and without hesitation, they agreed that we could make it work and I could work remotely – from home.  I am so incredibly fortunate to work for such a great group of amazing/understanding individuals and I am beyond excited to announce that Olivia & I will be moving to Richmond, VA in May for five months!

Why Richmond? My sister and her family live there and I am a very much a family person and need family around, plus there’s a lot of outdoorsy things I can do and plenty of local breweries I can try out. I searched HARD for my new “home” and probably drove my few friends/family out there crazy asking for suggestions, but I am very excited and signed a lease with a national corporate housing company, in Shockhoe Slip – which is an area in downtown Richmond.  I will be bringing my clothes, Olivia and a few personal items that will make my temporary home, my home, but that’s it!

I will be living about 25 minutes from my sister who graciously told me I could live with them, but I knew I needed to experience Richmond on my own – in a less suburban area.


This blog has helped me get out of my comfort zone and it has helped me to push myself to make this move, even if it is temporary, and try a new city with new adventures. I am terrified – terrified I will hate it, not make friends and be bored (and I am not good at being bored and having nothing to do) but I am super excited to try – to try going out on my own and making friends on my own. Regardless if anyone reads it or not, I am so beyond excited to share my Richmond adventures with anyone willing to read!


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