Over Cocktails

…or “Over Coffee” as my friend Carole said since she typically reads this blog while enjoying a cup of coffee. Unfortunately for her and anyone else who is hoping to get a little bit of mindless entertainment in before starting their day there hasn’t been much posted because I have been slacking, and will continue to slack for the next few weeks until I get settled in my new place.  But in the meantime, it is 8:30 on a Friday night and I’m already showered and on the couch….blogging, WHO DOES THIS?!?!

Apparently I do, but in my defense, I am going out for my “temporary going away” party tomorrow night and I wanted to get some rest tonight.  Plus Olivia is getting groomed first thing in the morning and I have Pure Barre and other things to finalize around this chaotic house of mine! Don’t let me fool you though, I did go to happy hour with my good friend, Kristin, who is in town for a few days, but I was home by 6:30!

However, last weekend was such a great weekend, that I couldn’t let a week go by without sharing.  I was able to help coordinate and plan a bridal shower for a VERY special bride!! And it was put off just perfectly and then I was able to join the bride and groom for an after party drink at Atlantic Beach Brewing Company.

Then my high school friends and I were anxious for an “uber night out” and we definitely made the best of it!!! It was a night of endless chatter and tons of laughter that continued over the next few days with ongoing text messages reminiscing about the fun we had and how it affected us throughout the week!

In addition to all the fun I had last weekend, the week was busy as well with happy hour with my mom and Carole (mentioned earlier, but sadly did not take any pictures) and the Jumbo Shrimp season opener game – it’ll likely be the only time I get to sport my Shrimp hat this year. 😥IMG_3469


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