Over Cocktails

I am NINE days down before my big summer move and life is a bit hectic. I’ve been preparing and doing a little each night over the last couple of months, but somehow as the time gets closer and closer, I am feeling more and more overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with things to do, people to see and parties to attend!  Don’t get me wrong, the “people to see” and “parties to attend” part is what I LOVE – it’s the “things to do” part lingering over my head that is NO FUN!

I am out of town this weekend, so last weekend a bunch of people joined me for a few (ok, it was more than “a few”) drinks to send me off – even my parents and their friends enjoyed a few cocktails with me at the beach bars!

We all had so much fun bar hopping that night and I couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who came out. Unfortunately life gets in the way and I don’t get to see these people as much as I’d like, but I am so grateful for these lifelong friendships I have built over the years! I guess I was too busy mingling because I didn’t get near as much pictures as I would’ve liked.

(As a side note: my sister-in-law swears I’m a Russian Spy because I have such a wide/diverse group of friends, but I wouldn’t want it any other way!)

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My friend Kari sent out a reminder on a daily basis about the party via Facebook with pictures I’m still shocked she found…one went back to 2005 and let’s just say “I’m glad Facebook was just coming around back then!

Like I said I am out of town this weekend, heading up to Nashville to celebrate my brothers best friends wedding!!! This will, without a doubt, be a ridiculously fun weekend. I traveled with him, his family and his bride to Ireland a couple years ago and they know how to PARTAY!!! The picture below shows me and my family in rare form after a few too many cocktails at the grooms mothers birthday bash!


Last party with this crew in Ireland! 

Flying out in a couple hours – let the fun begin! 

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