Journey to Richmond

Last Thursday, I met up with family/friends for one FINAL goodbye before I left on my five-month journey to Richmond. It was like the umpteenth going away party I had and I’m honored that everyone graciously used me as a reason to get together and have a few drinks, but let’s face it, I am more than happy to be that excuse! After few beers, I came home, finalized packing/loading my car and I laid my head down in my big nice comfortable bed shortly after midnight. (I am going to miss that bed)

I woke up Friday morning at 4:27am and had the genius idea to hit the road earlier than expected. I was seriously regretting that decision about three hours in to my nine-hour drive when I had to keep splashing water on my face to keep me awake.



Nine hours of her snoring on my lap and getting “inconvenienced” every time I moved because it woke her up!

I arrived to Richmond in record time, only stopping once to use the restroom, let Olivia use the restroom, grab a bite to eat and gas up! And by the time I got to my sisters house, it was time to pick my nephew up from school, so I jumped in the car again (I refused to drive) to surprise him.

After showering and making myself semi-presentable, we went to Wong Gonzales for dinner and it was amazing!  It’s a mixture of Mexican and Asian food – it sounds weird, but it was so incredibly good.  My mother who was extremely hesitant at first said she wants to go back before she leaves!

A VERY long story short, I did not end up with the place that I originally signed a lease on in Shockhoe Bottom.  My brother-in-law found me a much better deal and it is right in the heart of the Fan – an area similar to Riverside in Jacksonville with great restaurants/bars within walking distance!

I am excited to start this journey, nervous – yes, but very excited!  I will have more to report as I get all settled in, but due to different reasons, I won’t be fully set up until the middle of the month!

My biggest concern at the moment is “Will I be ok without a Publix nearby?  We’ll see – in reality, I don’t go to the grocery store often, but I was close enough to make a 10-minute trip there and back and get whatever item I needed last minute.


Olivia is very much out of her element and extremely needy toward me. I called the vet today to get her on anxiety meds, hopefully it’ll calm her a bit 😞 breaks my heart, my sweet girl!

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