Over Cocktails

First official week in the books in Richmond and so far, so good!

  1. Sunday I went to my first brewery as a “temporary” resident of Richmond.  I was getting antsy to check it out and basically pushed everyone in the car so we could get there! It was EXACTLY what I needed and I’m not going to brag or anything, but I was the undefeated corn hole champion!!! 😝
  2. I met my landlord at my new “home” in Richmond Monday morning and it is perfect! Two-bedrooms –  in a great area with lots to do! Unfortunately, I had to get back to work, so I couldn’t stay long and explore, but my mom stayed and unloaded everything for me – seriously, she’s the best!!! ❤️ I wasn’t able to go back until Wednesday night and was so impressed with all that she did!
  3. Wednesday, I met my friend Brian (once again, failed to get a picture) for dinner at a great restaurant Foo Dog.  (Website had me reading it all sorts of odd ways, FOOD OD RVA? 🤔 – NOPE!) I ordered the fried rice, but in my typical fashion, ordered it without any of the “good” stuff.  He ordered it the right way and we both loved it! Brian showed me around downtown by walking me around and it made me even more excited about where I will be living. Unfortunately that night I intended to go back to my sisters house because my dog and all my stuff was there, but  I was halfway “home” when I had that unnerving feeling of “Did I blow out the candle?” and turned around to go back and check. For the record: I was 95% certain I did, but knew I wouldn’t sleep well with that in the back of my head, so I turned around and went back….back to a foreign place where there wasn’t even sheets on the bed yet, but guess what? …. it was blown out!!! I ended up making the bed and sleeping there because I had a cardio class to attend in the area first thing in the morning and I didn’t wake up once!!! Of course, I slept with a knife by my bed (foreign area, foreign home – my way of feeling protected – LOL!)
  4. Turn is my new gym that I am so excited I found!!! It is in a fun neighborhood and has a diverse workout schedule that includes barre, TRX Training, dance, yoga and surfing (which I did on Wednesday and loved) Added bonus: the owner loves craft beer and has a lot of events at breweries!!! I feel/hope it will be a good way to meet new friends! 🤞🏻
  5. Here’s where I’m an idiot and didn’t make a great impression at my new studio on my second day…..I went to the TRX class yesterday morning and immediately woke up and realized I didn’t have tennis shoes with me – they were at my sisters house…..that I was supposed to be waking up at the night before.  So I walked in to class saying “Hi, this is me and I don’t have shoes, so I can’t attend your class” Instructor laughed at me and I assured her I’m not normally this stupid, but my life is in chaos for the time being!  After she told me 90% of the class is strength, I decided to stay, but for the record jumping rope and burpees are not ideal without shoes!
  6. IMG_9189.jpgOlivia is not doing well and it is seriously breaking my heart, I don’t know if she’s just completely out of her element, getting old, or what; but she has never done this before, she is EXTREMELY needy and freaks out if I’m not around. May be extreme to say she has never done this before, but there have been times to where she’s running around the house frantic if she can’t find me,  but the howling that has been occurring this trip is taking it to a new level!  I called the vet and they gave me a prescription for her and it just made her really groggy. I went and bought the “best reviews” dog calming “treats” and those seem to be working!  I hope it helps, or else my new adventure will be sitting in an apartment with my dog because I’m scared to leave her alone! 😢IMG_9140.jpg

I’m currently working on a “things that didn’t go as planned” post, so stay tuned – it’s kind of interesting how true it is the more and more things come in to play!!!!IMG_9164.jpg


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