Over Cocktails

It’s FRIDAY and I have a FOUR DAY WEEKEND that is kicking off with a trip to Busch Gardens today! They are offering a pass to buy a ticket now and go all summer, so I’m certain this won’t be my last trip – I mean who doesn’t love Busch Gardens!

Week 4 and things are still going well. I have been getting back in to my workout routine and potentially, just maybe, meeting new friends at my new studio. Olivia is FINALLY calming down, at least I think she is – I have spent numerous hours on my back doorstep listening to see if she’s howling and I haven’t heard anything in a while.  SO I think she finally knows this is our home 🤞🏻!

Speaking of our “home” – here’s a quick view of our perfect space.


This is our building!  How cute is it 😍 Olivia even has her own little yard (and she barks at every other dog who gets in her ‘space’)

The couch there was a-w-f-u-l – there’s no cushion and horrible to sit on, so I went on Amazon and found the perfect couch for only $300.  That is THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS – plus free shipping!!! I was shocked, but figured after multiple positive reviewed, I would take the risk and it was well-worth it!!!  The couch is AMAZINGLY comfortable and it was so easy to put together! Thanks to my sister, niece and nephew for the help!

Speaking of my niece, she’s so funny – I have bunk beds in my spare room (open for visitors) and she brought over her own bed linen and made her bed the first night I was here!  SO CUTE!  Her “bed” is in my office and Olivia has made it her own when she’s not sleeping on my lap ALL-DAY-LONG🤦🏼‍♀️!

The weather has been absolutely perfect, so I have been going for long walks every day at lunch and I really enjoy getting “lost” in my new city. I turn down streets I’ve never been on and make a zig-zag walking through the city, hoping I am making the right turn so I don’t venture too far from home (so far, so good!) The streets are so pretty and the old homes and architecture is really nice! I keep saying every day is a new adventure and I am loving it!!

Wednesday night, I was graciously invited to a cookout and the food and company was absolutely perfect for the mid-week slump! My new girlfriend Jackie even decorated with a luau theme!!! SO FUN 😁

Meanwhile back home in Jacksonville, my mom went to check on Cat while renters are on vacation and she seems to be doing just fine without me! 💗IMG_9378



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