Isn’t it funny…..

DISCLAIMER:  This post was written a few weeks ago and I forgot to publish it, so more things have changed, but the point is still there!

Isn’t it funny how much you can “plan” for things and 98% of the time, nothing goes as planned.  That’s exactly how I’m feeling at this point.  I had everything planned with this adventure, where I was going to live, when I was going to make it happen, what I was going to do, how I’d make friends, etc.

I literally had EVERYTHING planned, but NOTHING has gone according to this “master” plan and that’s OK – I am actually VERY excited about it!

When I started planning this adventure, I was going to live in the Shockhoe Bottom area of town and was devastated (like crying at my desk, devastated) when it didn’t work out.  Of course, now people tell me I wouldn’t have been happy living in that area and the area I’m living in is ideal, close to lots of restaurants and bars – even a brewery within walking distance!

I was going to live at my sisters house for a week and get it “out of my system” and then move to my new place on the 4th. Turns out I could move in to my place on the 1st, but won’t actually be “living” there until the 16th at the earliest for various reasons.

I planned to continue with my Pure Barre routine and go religiously every morning like I was doing back home – even had it mapped out (to the place I’m not even living in) and figured out which classes I’d be taking each day! But instead I found a studio that not only offers a barre class, but it offers all sorts of other classes, seems much more interactive and is closer to where I’ll be living.

Needless to say, I am VERY much a planner….to a fault, I get it, but when things don’t go as planned, it makes it all that much more exciting!

Don’t let me fool you, I can do the spur-of-the-moment trips and ABSOLUTELY LOVE it, but there’s a strong chance I will be Googling the best things to see/do on the way out the door!

I’ve decided to let things be the way they are supposed to be and to TRY to stop planning as much!  It’ll be a challenge, but I’m ready to accept it. Planning

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