Over Cocktails

Tonight’s post will be short and sweet because it was a long day and I’m finally sitting on the couch at 9:58, but surprisingly people actually enjoy reading my mindless entertainment and like keeping up with my adventures in my new city!

First and foremost – I JOINED A BOCCE BALL LEAGUE. . .and up until about two days ago, I knew NOTHING about bocce ball, but I watched a 2 minute video highlighting the rules and think I’ve got a hang of it.  Basically it’s an excuse to drink beer and socialize…and let’s face it: Beer and Socializing at a BREWERY – I don’t need an excuse!!! My friend Jackie is going to do it with me, so I won’t look like such a fool just hoping someone/anyone will talk to me!

Next, my other gym that I was going to didn’t work out, I have nothing but great things to say about it, but unfortunately timing/classes weren’t working with my schedule. So I found a new place that I love (thanks again Jackie) Hot Yoga Barre has a mixture of barre and yoga classes and I literally leave each class like I just came out of a swimming lesson (crinkled fingers and soaking wet hair).  I am not a big yogi, but took a class tonight and loved it and somehow everything came back to me after not practicing yoga in over ten years.  Obviously I love the barre class as well, and prefer to take those classes primarily, but its nice to have a mixture.

I found a new favorite spot RVA Draft Room – this place gives you a card to fill your beer up on your own and has a wide selection of over 20 different taps (including wine and cider) Jackie and I went there on Sunday and I loved it so much that I brought Brian back on Wednesday.  We were there to check out open mic night, but the weather was so unbelievably nice that we ended up sitting on the outdoor patio and enjoying the weather/company instead of listening to the music!


Finally, my parents got the sweetest letter from the girl I used to babysit this week – I’m not going to elaborate on what she said about me/them, but I was having a rough day and it was EXACTLY what I needed!!! 💖

Have a great weekend!  

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