Over Cocktails

First and foremost:  I don’t typically share quotes, but I really liked this one and figured it was worth re-posting. I’m not saying my blog is “worth reading” but I am saying that it helps gives me something “worth writing”  worth-reading-quote.jpg

Disclaimer: When I first started this blog, I read a few articles about nobody bloggers, just like me, who got sued for using someone else photography for their quotes. I am terrified of that happening to me, so I always use my own. Not sure it’s even worth the time/effort I put in to it, because I am 99.967% certain I am at the very bottom of the blogging totem pole, but I’d rather not get into any of that kind of mess! 

Now to my weekly recap:  I woke up Friday morning a bit depressed, trying to figure out what I was going to do over the weekend and who I was going to do it with – I don’t know many people in town and most of the people I knew were going to be out of town, even if it was just for the day (ahem – Brian)

For someone like me, this is not an ideal situation. . .

Until I get a call from my one of my best friends from High School saying her plans changed for the weekend and she had six days off and nothing to do, so I immediately said come to Richmond and less than four hours later she was boarding a plane, traveling across the country and two time zones!!! And I was driving two hours to pick her up from DC.

After picking her up from the airport, we arrived back in Richmond around midnight, and she started working on our “plan ” for the weekend to hit up some vineyards while I took my contacts out and relaxed with a frosty beverage after a long evening of 4-hours total driving.

She picked Veritas Vineyards to hit up first and it was SO BEAUTIFUL!! Reviews said we needed to get there early because it gets busy pretty early.  So I woke Kristin up and after showering, we downed a protein shake (probably a good idea to have something in our bellies before a day at the vineyards) and we were on the road by  10:00am.

We saw a brewery on the way to Veritas that served lunch with a large outdoor patio overlooking the mountains.  So we figured we’d go there – especially after overhearing someone at the winery say they had the best burgers she ever had.  Both Kristin and I were disappointed when the menu said all burgers were served medium-well WHAT?!?!  Who does that?  Medium-rare for me!!! We still had to try it…..but NOPE, definitely  not the best burger we ever had, however, we enjoyed the views/atmosphere regardless.

No trip to Charlottesville is complete without going to Pippinhill Farm & Vineyard – one guess why?  The views/wine of course 😉


Sadly, I had to drive, so I didn’t enjoy a glass of wine at Pippinhill this time, but next time I will make sure someone else wants to be the DD or we figure out different transportation or possibly even stay up there!

So…..after a day spent at wineries and a brewery, why not come home and experience the night life….Right? We went out to Sine (after the recommendation of some college kids who were passing by) which is an Irish pub and had a blast!  Pretty sure I ate there with my family once, but who knew it turned it to such a fun bar scene at night.


…and after a poor attempt to go out and find new bars in the area, we were back soaking wet due to torrential downpour! img_9632

Kristin wasn’t feeling great Sunday morning, but I finally convinced her to get up and check out Lunch or Supper which had the cutest little market and I ate probably more calories than I should in one sitting, but it was worth it. Afterwards, we spent the day exploring the cute shops in Carytown and then hit up a couple other local watering holes. Sadly, we didn’t get any pictures, but I did take a video of the market that I was able to screenshot.


Back to reality on Monday and I worked while Kristin did some things she had to get done, we hit up a wine and tapas happy hour at Secco which I thought was so fun because in order to enjoy happy hour, you had to put your phone in a box.  I wanted to take a picture of it, but then remembered – NO PHONES!!!

Kristin left on Tuesday morning, but we will be seeing each other in two weeks for one of our best friends Bachelorette party in Charleston!!!

Oh yeah – and my car got broken in to at some point between Tuesday morning and Wednesday around lunchtime. Fortunately nothing was taken and somehow no windows were shattered. I had some expensive stuff in there, but I think they were looking for something in particular!


My parents are coming up this weekend, so it’ll be a fun spending time with the family!!

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