Luray Caverns

A post from the Bachelorette shenanigans is soon to come, hopefully after I’ve fully recovered from the debauchery, but I have been wanting to highlight a trip I recently took, but haven’t had time: LURAY CAVERNS!

My parents were in town a couple weekends ago and I figured that was the perfect opportunity to drag them out along with my sister and her family to explore with me! There are many things on my Richmond bucket list, but at the top was Luray Caverns – and what better time to go then a hot summer day!!!

What’s even better is trying to drag seven people out of the house before lunchtime for a last minute excursion two and a half hours away! My 10 year/old niece was hoping to go shopping for summer camp supplies, my brother-in-law was planning on putting some meat to smoke on the grill, my dad had to go shopping for tennis shoes, etc. but somehow I managed to make it happen and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them, was so thankful we went!


I was giddy-excited, my nephew even started to mock me as I danced my way to the car!  I was so excited, it didn’t even bother me that I was sitting in the WAY back with the kids (for the record: all the other “adults” graciously offered to switch with me, but I was fine) – I was literally that excited!

The day was incredibly reasonable – $28 for an hour long tour.  The caverns were open enough and not even a concern of claustrophobia. The temperature inside was perfect, about 75 degrees and the tour guide was very knowledgeable.

I didn’t retain a lot of the information, I was too busy enjoying the views, but a few things I learned:

  • Stalagmites (from the bottom, might reach the top) and Stalactites (hanging tight to the ceiling)
  • The stalactites grow the size of a cheez-it every 120 years!
  • They said they were a designated bomb shelter and the safest place to go – BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!!
  • This guy fell 7,000 years at 170,000 tons


  • And this one shows how thin the “drapes” are, light will show through it! IMG_1995


This was by far my favorite area – the stalactites are reflecting off the water for an optical illusion making it look like there are stalagmites below.


And just some more photos because it was so pretty!!!


I’d also recommend checking out the Car and Carriage museum, honestly, I wasn’t at all interested at first, but others were going and I figured “why not?” and it was pretty cool seeing all these old cars! IMG_9825

There was a small winery on site and believe it or not, I didn’t go. . .well, that’s a lie, I checked it out, but wasn’t able to take wine outside of the small patio and it was too hot to drink alone outside!


On the way to the Caverns, there was Cooter’s Museum which was a free Dukes of Hazard  museum – we will be checking it out next time we go! Just didn’t have enough time this trip!

Regardless, it was a great day! Thanks to my loving family for being so willing to explore with me!

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