A Charleston Bachelorette Party!

Over cocktails is apparently on a two week hiatus and will be back next week, because today I wanted to highlight the blissful debauchery of a Charleston Bachelorette Party! Let’s be honest:  Blissful & Bachelorette Party do not always go hand-in-hand, and let me assure you – there was no BLISSFUL-ness about this party, it was complete debauchery!  The ONLY reason I’m using this term is because typically when there are 10 girls grouped together for an entire weekend, wanting to do different things – there’s some sort of drama. But not with this group!  We had an ABSOLUTE blast!!!

Unfortunately we all arrived a bit later than expected, so didn’t get to explore the city like we had hoped, but it was probably a blessing in disguise because it was H-O-T!!! We stayed in The Mills House which is right in the center of Charleston and absolutely beautiful. We immediately got dressed and went to wine tasting at The Mira Wine Tasting Room, then had a nice dinner at Magnolias where I had a pimento cheese filet (that seemed to be a theme in Charleston and I was more-than-ok with it!) then we were ready to partay as we headed off to the bars on King Street!





Saturday had to by-far be the best day! We all woke up a bit sluggish, but knew we needed to rally because we had a distillery and brewery tour that was scheduled. One of the bridesmaids and myself purchased matching shirts for everyone and they were so cute!!!

We went for breakfast at Eli’s Table while a few (I’m guilty 🙋🏼) sat at the bar for fancy morning cocktails!


Then on to our distillery and brewery tour through Charleston Brewery Tours .  It was such a GREAT time as we were transported in a bus that was decked out with music and lights, and the driver set a pre-game disclaimer saying “the railings aren’t to be danced on”…..OOOPS!



First stop was High Wire Distilling and the guys giving us a tour were extremely patient with ten girls who started drinking early and wanting to take a million and five pictures. Plus I think we all had a difficult time getting the “shots” down.




Next stop was  Munkle Brewing Company where we played pool, corn hole and gave every single dog that came in all the love it would need for a day!


IMG_8831Finally we hit up Revelry a rooftop bar and made new friends, drank a few more beers and ended up buying one of everything in the store!  I bought another camo trucker hat because a girl can never have too many  hats?!?!



The rest of the day was a free for all, so some of us ate, some slept, some rehydrated and some tried to do it all!



We had dinner at Taco Boy which was really good, but by the time we were done we were all beat, so went back to our room and just talked and laughed a lot! It was actually very nice!!!

IMG_0019 2

Time to go on Sunday, but first, we had to eat at Fleet Landing which had beautiful views and great food!



It was such a great weekend with new and old friends and many memories made! The bachelorette did a FANTASTIC job planning – even if she didn’t like any of my ideas 😉

Kasey Bachelorette Party FOR PRINT

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