Over Cocktails

So much to report and I can almost guarantee I will not get to everything this evening! It’s been a great week of adventure, making new friends and trying new things!

  1. WOMEN ON WHITEWATER:  This was a FREE event for women only to go kayaking on Class 1 & 2 rapids down the James River. My sister and I signed up for it a couple months ago, but because of the rain, the water was too high and it had to be rescheduled, unfortunately it was rescheduled for the weekend before 4th of July and my sister had plans to go to Rhode Island (I was supposed to go with her, but too busy at work and thankfully didn’t cancel our spots for kayaking!)  So my friend Jackie joined me and we had an amazing time.  There were 10 volunteers and 18 participants, so plenty of experts guiding us down and so incredibly patient with us newbies.  We set off in groups of four and I may be bias, but felt our group was the best! We all got along great and really helped each other out and laughed the entire time!  (Especially me as I couldn’t control my kayak and kept hitting others or inadvertently turning around) We were skirted (not sure if that’s the right terminology) in to the kayak meaning we were cocoon’d in (that’s my terminology) and had to learn to flip into the water and get out in case we actually did flip in the rough waters – which I did even though I was so confident I wouldn’t after getting through the biggest rapid without a problem! I swear I probably flipped on one of the smaller rapids like a big idiot! 🤦🏼‍♀️ On a side note: I WON A HAT!!! As if I needed another hat, BUT…..I won it through a raffle drawing and of course, I picked the hat…I wanted it the minute I saw it 😁

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    2. Jackie and I quickly got dressed, grabbed our puppies and headed to her boyfriends house on the river, it was so peaceful and beautiful!  After about 3 hours  kayaking that morning, we were ready to sit back and relax….and happily did so with a couple beers!

    Later we went down to Colonial Beach to stay and enjoy the day exploring and boating!!! Olivia woke me up at sunrise and I was not complaining after seeing these views!

    Olivia is 14.5 years old (she’s my old baby girl) and has never been on the boat, even though I’m on the boat most summer days in Florida….I’ve always said I wish she could talk to tell me if she’d rather be with me on the boat or at home in the a/c. This trip proved to me that she was much happier inside than being blown around! 😝 I did load her up in sunscreen and after a bath by me and a trip to the groomer, she still smells like sunscreen!

    It was the perfect weekend!

    3. One of the girls from kayaking recommended me try her bungee fitness class. She was teaching the class and thankfully I texted her when I did because apparently I’m an idiot and got the date wrong that she was teaching. I had already gone to HYB that morning and wasn’t planning on working out again, but I am so glad I did!  I didn’t even feel like I was working out and really just wanted to bounce around (and fly) the entire time – although my body felt it the next day!  It was an absolute blast and I will HIGHLY recommend it to anyone!  I enjoy it so much that I have signed myself up to do it regularly, so in addition to my typical 6am workouts/monthly membership, I will be doing a bungee class 3-4 times a week 🤷‍♀️ but it’s fun, so it doesn’t count – I just hope I can walk!

4.  I went to Brian’s parents house for a cookout on 4th of July – no pictures were taken, but we had a great time and the food was fantastic!!!

5. My battle wound from white water kayaking!!! I never knew I could even get a bruise on the palm of my hand!!!



I’m sure I have way more to report, but I’m beat!  Ready for any and all visitors 🤗

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