Dating in 2018

The truth about dating today, it sucks – I mean absolutely horrible and don’t let anyone tell you differently.  I’m not sure who all these people are that can chronically date, I can’t even find someone I want to go on date #2 with, let alone #1.

I get the question ALL THE TIME, “Why are you single?”  Well, I have finally figured it out, and NO, it’s not my need to incessantly sing and dance anytime Deanna Carter comes on the radio or the lack of vegetables in my diet (well maybe it is 🤔 but that’s not what this is about!)

It’s me and I am friggin crazy. Not in the sense of “I’m going to obsessively call you”, “need to know where you are” or “watch your back” kind of crazy, but in the sense that a guy doesn’t get a second (or first) date with me because he has bad grammar or spelling. Yes, there, I said it…. I’m sorry, but I’m 36 years old and have what I consider to be a good job and expect my potential significant other to know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Personally, I don’t think that’s too much to ask, I mean seriously, would you send an email to your boss with bad spelling or grammar, NO – then why would you send it to someone you are potentially pursuing or wanting to impress?

Then there’s those that spell “prolly” instead of “probably” or “cus” instead of “because” – and to be perfectly honest, I don’t even like “K” – How hard is it to put an “O” in front of the “K”?!?! OOOOK!!!!

That’s why texting has been so horrible for dating, a) you don’t get to “hear” tone in text, b) more room for grammatical or spelling errors and/or c) there is absolutely NO effort that is put in to it. It’s not difficult to send a text saying “have a good day”. What makes it a bit more meaningful is, get this…..A CONVERSATION!!! Texting is just entertainment – I’m guilty, I do it ALL THE TIME! But I do think it’s dangerous when combined with dating.

Obviously, I’m new to Richmond and wanting to meet new people, so I got on a dating app and I’ve had some ok dates, but nothing that has just blown me away with excitement. My poor mother keeps saying “have you met anyone” and my typical response is “not anyone worth talking about”. I am officially off the app, but figured the final straw would prove why I’m “crazy” and figured I’d share!

The last guy I was supposed to go out with, sent me, what I consider to be, an “unsolicited selfie” (a picture of himself that I didn’t ask for or ever make any mention of wanting from previous conversations) and the caption below was “through day” – ummm, what?!?!  I’m sorry, do you mean “TOUGH day”? 🤦🏼‍♀️ Yep, he was sending a picture of him “working” by a pool, but couldn’t even capture it properly. Typically, this could’ve been a one-off thing, but during the last (text) conversation we had, I gave him a hard time for not using the correct spelling for “your” and even told him grammar and spelling is a big thing to me, so the fact that he couldn’t spell “tough” properly made me cut communication.

I gave him a smart a** comment letting him know that his “smart” phone messed up again (his excuse for the previous misspelling of “your”) and after that I stopped responding. I know it wasn’t exactly the nicest thing and I probably shouldn’t have done it.  But in reality, what am I supposed to say “umm…I’m sorry, I can’t go out with you, you spelled ‘tough’ incorrectly and sent me an unsolicited selfie!” Figured it was best since I can’t say anything nice, I shouldn’t say anything at all.  RIGHT? 🤷‍♀️

So maybe, if I’m ever bored again and decide to get online (which fingers crossed doesn’t happen,) I should provide a link to this post and give a full disclosure of my “crazy”!

Again, this is probably why I’m single – among other reasons I’m sure – and MANY people will disagree with me, but it’s just my personal opinion and a little comedic relief on Hump Day.  Texting and dating



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