Summertime Wedding in ATL

This post has been a long one coming, and in reality, I’ve probably been intimated that I wouldn’t do it a bit of justice, but one of my best friends got married last month and the weekend and wedding could not have been more perfect!!

For months upon months, I was getting questions from bride “do you think I should do this?” I’d immediately give my first response and she’d say “but if I did that, then this could happen” it was things I hadn’t thought about because a) my head wasn’t nearly as engrossed in wedding planning as hers and b) I have never planned a wedding. So I don’t think I was a lot of help, maybe only a sounding board!

Truthfully, I have always said that I never wanted a wedding. (Do I want to get married? 110%!!!  But planning, paying and having a wedding of my own is definitely not in the cards.) With that being said, if I were to have a wedding, I’d do it very similar to Kasey’s – everything was absolutely PERFECT and not an detail was missed!!!

Before we get in to all things wedding, major shout out to this picture-perfect couple who did a fantastic job hosting and putting together an unfortgettable wedding weekend!

KS and Russ

I flew in to Atlanta on Thursday morning and spent the day doing all-things-girly! We immediately went to Ponce City Market and had lunch at H&F Burger.  This area was so cute and Kasey definitely knows how to speak my language with cute little shops and a burger joint! But we couldn’t stay long because we had reservations to get a mani/pedi and then my first professional spray tan at Raw Bronzing Studio and WOW – I am obsessed, a little awkward standing there basically nude, but the tan was WELL WORTH IT. I just wish it lasted weeks instead of days.

That evening we had dinner plans at the bride and grooms favorite restaurant, Porch Light and made it a semi-early night because we knew we had a big/busy weekend ahead! We woke up on Friday morning and made breakfast for a house full of people. Then headed to the rehearsal, but the REAL fun began that evening.  Kasey and Russ had their rehearsal dinner at the penthouse (I guess that’s what it would be called) of the OMNI hotel at The Battery overlooking the Atlanta Braves game.  Not only was the room spectacular, but the sky was picturesque and the food/desserts were crave-able good. Kasey also had Cracker Jacks and popcorn set up all around to stick with the baseball theme! It truly was awesome!!!

We woke up to hair and makeup AND breakfast and MIMOSAS – can’t beat that!!!  It was a day of pampering before heading to the wedding venue, The Wheeler House where the ceremony and reception were hosted.  The wedding was outside in late July, but the weather was actually surprisingly nice!!! The ceremony itself only lasted approximately 15 mins, then the partay began!!! SO-MUCH-FUN!!! They didn’t do the traditional bouquet or garter toss, but they picked all the music and it really got everyone dancing! Close to the end of the night, they brought out light up necklaces and sunglasses which was so hilariously funny and a HUGE hit!!! Then we took a bus back to Atlanta and the dance party continued on the bus, while I played DJ!! (Note to self:  Figure out music playlist before I nominate myself to take control of music) It was the shortest hour-long bus ride and we did not want it to end. BUT….we went back to the penthouse for a few more cocktails and then out at a bar in The Battery to top off the evening. Even convinced the bride/groom to join us!!!

I am seriously impressed – Kasey (this bride) should quit her day job and become an official wedding planner.  She did an excellent job!!! I know I mentioned it earlier, but it truly was an unfortgettable weekend and I was honored to be the maid of honor and be there for her on her special day!

I wish I would’ve gotten more pictures with the bride/groom, BUT they were a HOT COMMODITY and there was literally a line to snag a quick pic.

Thanks again Kasey & Russ – CONGRATULATIONS!!! 

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