Girls Weekend in RVA

What’s better than a weekend spent with girlfriends?  In my opinion, there’s not a lot!! It was EXACTLY what I needed when two of my best friends came up to spend the weekend with me a couple weeks ago.  These are girls who I have known for more than 20 years, and we truly know EVERYTHING about each other and can laugh at all our embarrassing moments, share some of our darkest secrets and keep “non-postable” pictures from the weekend to ourselves! THANK GOODNESS, we all have each others backs!!!

And yes, it is hard to believe it’s been so long since we were in high school, when we drove around like we owned the world listening to Robert Myles and just waiting for one of our parents to tell us they were going out of town for the weekend, so we could start planning the party!  Thankfully our friendship has remained strong and we are just as close (if not closer) as we were back then.

I received one of the greatest compliments from someone taking our picture when he asked:

“Are you girls related, or have you just known each other so long you’re morphing into each other”

Unfortunately Ashley and Katie were only here for less than 48-hours, but we fit in as much as possible and had such a great time! We spent way too much money, drank way too much alcohol, devoured a years worth of calories and added to our never-ending list of memories.

Their flight was delayed and after hearing the horror story from the flight, I was concerned they wouldn’t get back on another airplane! (Although that wouldn’t have been too horrible!) We went straight to The Daily to get them (and me) fed – Katie got off the flight white-faced and me, geographically stupid, kept taking the wrong turn. She handled it WAY better than I would have handled it and probably was cursing my name internally the entire time!!! Food was just what we needed to fuel us for an afternoon walking around Cary Street, which I absolutely love to do. Unfortunately we ran out of time to hit up ALL the cute little shops (although my wallet is probably saying “fortunately”) but we had a fun rooftop bar that was calling our name!


We made it to one of my favorites, Lunch or Supper for a late evening dinner where we had appetizers to set a base for the rest of our evening. Major fail on my part when I tried taking them to the breweries and THEY CLOSED AT 10:00!!! I knew it was early, but not THAT early on a Friday night. DULY NOTED! Went to one more rooftop bar before catching up with Brian who was at a place right by my house. And LET.ME.TELL.YOU. we were VERY much out of place.


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I honestly would’ve never realized this little place that I thought was a restaurant (and always wondered how it made money because it was never open) turned into a club at night.  There were glow sticks, a DJ, balloons being tossed around and lots of drinks being poured. In the restroom Katie and Ashley were asked if they were teachers – they said “NO!” and the response was “Well your friend is, right?” (asking about me) WHAT?!? we looked cute!!! How could this be?!?!

We went home with our head down in shame, but woke up the next day to do things more age-appropriate (apparently).

First stop:  COFFEE, sorry girls, I don’t have a coffee maker.

Then off to Maymont, which O-M-G, I am OBSESSED, I had no idea this was literally in my backyard.  Ok, not literally, but only about 10 mins from my house!!! I have been coming to Richmond for 12 years and only heard about it, I didn’t know anything more.  But now, I realize it is a 100-yard estate, with trails and a public park and GOATS you could petThere is also a bear, a boar (I believe) and Japanese Gardens, that unfortunately we didn’t get to see!!! The grounds were so pretty and we could’ve explored there all day.  We did make a point to tour the mansion and pet a few goats (one even bit my finger in the cutest way possible), but definitely need to spend more time there in the future.

However, the wineries in Charlottesville were calling our names.  We hit my favorite of them all, PippinHill. No, it has nothing to do with the name, it is just BEAUTIFUL and the views are amazing!!! There we met some girls who said they went to Jefferson Vineyards and we figured we would go there because they were open later and I have never been. They actually had a concert going on that night that we would’ve loved to attend, but it’s a far drive and we needed to get back. NEXT TIME!



Came back and had dinner at The Savory Grain, before we had one last stop at another rooftop bar.

As always, I was a bit ambitious with my planning, but we fit A LOT into a lil bit of time and had a blast.

Things I learned the weekend:

  1. I need to memorize the words to Gangsta Paradise (those two were belting out all the words on the way home from the wineries – I was quite impressed)
  2. I’m a bit of a prude and I never realized it until I was given a glow stick at the club and I legitimately had no idea what to do with it
  3. The word decollage – THANKS ASH 😉

Thanks for visiting, love you ladies!!! 





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