This post will be short and sweet. I had a couple topics that I wanted to discuss tonight, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to research them as much as I would’ve liked and I don’t want to half-ass anything. However, in an effort to live up to my promise of writing more, I figured I’d write about Olivia because this week has been quite emotional for me.

Topic came to me this evening as I got home from my sisters house and Olivia started acting really weird, we drove home with the windows down and it was raining.  (Before any haters want to hate on the way I drive my dog around town, it is what it is, I have her wrapped in my arm and she sticks her lil nose out the window – she is literally in pure happiness. I get that I should’ve trained her better from the get-go, and actually strap her in, but I didn’t and I think it’s a worthless cause at this point.)


Everything was fine all evening, until I got home and was taking her out of my car and her leg went up into the air and froze. I quickly put her on the ground and she fell over, couldn’t walk – it was TERRIFYING for about 2.5 mins. Then she was back to herself.

REWIND 48 hours and we were on the couch recovering from dental surgery. So clearly, I was nervous that it has to do with some after effects from the surgery – why is she acting this way?

Dental Surgery scared me to death – I DID NOT want to do it, but the vet reassured me she’d be fine and I “stalked” this particular vet and went way out of my way to go to her practice! Thankfully, she called me to tell me she was doing exceptionally well throughout the surgery. However, three teeth fell out on their own and 8 were pulled. $567 later = I’m now broke and she’s less 11 teeth! But she doesn’t have stank breath anymore and can hopefully eat her food more peacefully!

Quick bio on Olivia – she will be 15 in THREE months!!! SERIOUSLY breaks my heart 15.  She was given to me as a birthday present from an ex and is the best gift I’ve ever received (sorry to anyone who has ever given me a present, but that’s tough competition right there!) PLUS she was born on my birthday 💞


This is why it took me WAY longer to write this post than normal. She jumped up on my lap and didn’t leave!!!


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