Over Cocktails

After last nights post, I have felt compelled all day to come up with something of substance for an “Over Cocktails” post today, but I can almost guarantee you, I’ll disappoint you once again.

First and foremost – my friend Kari is coming in town this weekend!!! Let me explain Kari and Pip.  We lived together for 5 years, so we know each other and how we interact pretty well. I will want to go, go, go all weekend and I will drive her insane! I sent her a list of things to do and I think she’s already exhausted from reading it.  Regardless, there will not be any “lull” in the time she’s here, unless she’s ready/needing it!


Dating – well, still NOTHING!!! I am not as active on the apps as I should be, but to be honest – I don’t want to be, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE is giving me ANYTHING to get excited over. Conversations typically start out like this:

Me: “Hey, what’s your thing to do in town?” (Trying to give something other than the typical “hey, how are you?”)

Him: “I enjoy going here, there, wherever” “You?”

Me: “I enjoy doing this and that.” “I’ve been here/there/wherever and loved it”

Him: “Yeah, it’s pretty cool”

DUDE GIVE ME SOMETHING MORE TO GO OFF OF – I can’t be the only one entertaining this conversation.

Last convo with dude man said he had been dealing with difficult clients, my question “Oh yeah, Do you have any good stories” his response “No” I said “really nothing?  Not just today, but any time?” His response “nah, not really.” U-N-C-L-E!!! Give me something to  help continue move this conversation forward.

In reality, it’s probably better because it saved me from a date that was extremely boring and a waste of an evening/makeup/outfit!!!

Anyway, with all that being said. I am enjoying meeting new friends. I went to another Richmond Ladies of Lager this week and had a blast. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who’s looking to meet new friends, try meetup.com – the group this week, was a bit older than the group last week, but I still had a lot to learn and discuss with all of them!!! Granted I got mocked when I ordered a $2 PBR for my fourth beer. RIGHTFULLY so, its was a ladies of LAGER group, but PBR was only $2 AND WAY less calories than I’m used to and alcohol contents.  Plus I needed to drive home, so I justified it in my own way!

Olivia is doing MUCH better after her weird incident last night.  She is panting a lot, but I called and the vet said it’s a side effect of the meds from her dental surgery.  She is taking her meds (for the most part) in scrambled eggs, but this morning, she kept spitting out one of the pills and I had to coat it in peanut butter.  I decided this evening that I needed to start making her scrambled eggs without the yolk (#cholesterol) and she kept spitting it out, I can’t really blame her though – I don’t like egg whites either – give me that yolk!!! I also can’t blame her for spitting out the green beans (vet recommended giving to her since they are soft) for her now-toothless gums!!! So for now, she’s getting cheese and is not complaining!!!


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