Back Together

I have VERY good reason to not live up to my promise (that I just made a week ago) for going MIA and not posting 2-3 times a week like I said I would. Kari came in town and was only supposed to be here for four days, but she missed me so much she decided to extend her stay until Thursday!  As her mom said, the gang was back together!

Kari and I lived together for five years, so we are used to the way each other “live” and I didn’t feel like I had to entertain her the entire time.  Plus I know her and how much she enjoys her alone time, so it only felt natural to leave her one night during her extended stay to hang with Brian.

We both worked during the day and I had someone to hang with at night!! But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s go back to the weekend, which was when the REAL fun occurred!!!

Friday:  She arrived at 9:30am and we went to brunch at Weezies, this has been on my Richmond to-do list and I’m a bit bitter it took me so long to get there.  It was SO FRIGGIN GOOD!!! Just fried goodness and reasonably priced and huge portions!!! I LOVED every bite and must go back before I leave at the end of the month 😫 (Ok, it’s probably a good thing I haven’t been before – fried goodness/huge portions. . .)



Then we jumped in the car to head up to the mountains to go “hiking” in search of waterfalls.  Only, in true Pip fashion, I got us lost and even better, we ended up at a brewery and EVEN BETTER THAN THAT, there was a huge music festival going on!!! The brewery: Devils Backbone; the music festival: Hoopla.  We couldn’t stay for the music and most of the brewery grounds were blocked off, but still got to experience some of the excitement.  Minus the weirdo with bad breath that sat next to us at the bar and offered us a ticket and told us all about the “Benz” he’s letting his dog sitter drive around in all weekend🙄🤦🏼‍♀️. (Dudes who talk about how much money they have are a HUGE turnoff! – plus he only tipped 15%!!!!)

Kari wore a sweatshirt and it started getting hot, so we saw a Dollar General and she quickly made me do a u-turn and almost drive through a ditch, so she could go “shopping”. I have shopped for clothes at Dollar General and laughed so hard, unfortunately she was not interested in buying some hideous outfits with me to wear around!!!

After a day of checking out some breweries, purchasing souvenirs and beers to-go, it was time to head home to hit up some of my favorite local breweries and spots in town in Scott’s Addition! It was a fairly early night after a long day!!!

Saturday we woke up and walked around Maymont.  I got to experience more than the last time I went with Ashley and Katie and I loved it even more, cannot believe this beautiful place is less than 10 mins from my house.  (Probably closer if I didn’t get us lost every time!) Had lunch at Legends overlooking the water and RVA Skyline.

AND THEN THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE TRIP: We attended the Great American Beard and Moustache Competition!!!! WHY NOT?  Right?  It was down the street from my place and cost $15 to get in.  I think I was in heaven and told Kari about a million and five times how happy I was to be perched right up front and center of the stage!!! We stuck out like sore thumbs and had a blast!!! Asked guys to take pictures with us and the guy that is in the picture with me was on Kelly and Ryan!!! (Side note: I friend requested him on IG and he requested me back HAHA!!!)


Met Brian for dinner at Casa Del Barco on Saturday night – one margarita and I was feeling it – OLE!!! The atmosphere was really nice and food was amazing, however, it is a bit far and nothing else really around, so doubtful I’ll be going back.  But I wouldn’t complain if I did!! Went to a rooftop bar that evening, but I think we were tired and needing to rest up for Sunday Funday!

One of my favorite things to do is spend the day at the bar watching football on Sundays. One of my least favorite things is realizing I wasted an entire day bellied up to the bar. Unfortunately, I spend most Sunday’s by myself (but typically make friends at the bar), fortunately this time, I had Kari to spend it with me!!! For both a Jags win and a Packers win!!!


We spent the day laying around on Monday – which I don’t think I’ve done since we lived together. She has a way of putting on a movie and I’m instantly hooked.  I’ll never forget when we lived together, I had plans for the day and she put on the movie “Catfish” and I was hooked, couldn’t get off the couch.  This time it was a 9/11 movie. I was putting on tennis shoes to go for a long walk and next thing you know, I had a blanket wrapped on me.

Fortunately, because she stayed longer, I got to take her to Belle Isle and Brown’s Island (one of my favorite places) to walk around. We tried to take pictures, but the sun was horrific and I quickly deleted those squinty-eyed mugshots!

Had a great time visiting with KK, sad to see her go, but it’ll be less than a month before I see her again!!!

Off to Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream tonight. WISH ME LUCK!


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