Kindness from a stranger

Every now and then I like to post a blog on “kindness” or some sort of “feel good story”, unfortunately I don’t post a lot of these blogs (this is my second one to be exact) partly my fault because I’m not out looking for them or acting on them, but it was my original intention when I started this journey.

However, on Monday night, Jackie and I went out for an early birthday celebration. It was such a nice evening, the weather was amazing so we decided to go for a long walk.  We walked from my place to Carytown (approximately 2 miles) and ended up sitting outside, enjoying a couple beers and splitting a burger. (Completely negating our entire walk and more, but we didn’t care, especially because the burger was SOOOO good at Citizen Burger Bar)



We were walking home, about 3-4 blocks from my place when Jackie tripped (stupid uneven roads in the dark.) Her phone went sliding (I was certain the screen cracked, thankfully it didn’t) and she dropped her keys. She immediately tried standing up, but basically fell over.  A super sweet guy ran over to see if she was ok. He said he was sitting on his balcony drinking a glass of wine when he heard it happen.  I told Jackie I would get us an uber back to my place and the guy said “no, let me get some ice for her and I’ll be back to take you home.” He ran home and came back with a bag of ice and opened the truck door to take us home. Typically we aren’t stupid girls, and won’t get into a car with a stranger, but you can tell this guy was a good guy. Plus I have mace on my keychain 😝

He drove us home, wanting nothing in return. I got out of his truck saying “you’re going to make a girl extremely happy one day!” (Too bad this guy was in his early 20’s or I would’ve gone after him!) Because I am a super stalker, I found him on Facebook when I got home, and sent him a message saying I’d love to bring him a bottle of wine. I haven’t heard back, probably because he’s younger and doesn’t get on Facebook often, but I was just so incredibly impressed with his actions, that I had to do something. I hope he does reach out, but regardless, I thought I should share his lil bit of kindness!

Update on Jackie’s ankle:  she ended up going to urgent care and getting an x-ray – no broken bones, but has to be in a splint.  She had a date for her birthday last night and told me she was going to try to put it in a small heel:

(A girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do!!!) 💁🏼

For the record, I started this post at 5:55 am, no workout class available today, but I guess my internal alarm still said to wake up! 

Have a great day!

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