Over Cocktails

The question is: Did I make myself a vodka drink tonight because its been a rough weak or because it makes me more creative? My answer = both!!! (We’ll see how creative it truly makes me when I’m done writing this blog.)

“Why has it been a rough week Pip?” Well unfortunately my friend Lee Anne (the one I posted about last week) passed away on Wednesday afternoon.  She had a seizure on Friday night and was put in hospice on Sunday. She fought a great fight and it is so amazing to know/see how many people truly loved her!!! She had a heart of gold, was hilarious and such a great friend.  Unselfishly, I am thankful she is not in pain, but selfishly, she was going to be the first person I visited when I returned home and I’m sad I did not get that opportunity.  Our last text exchange happened less than two weeks before she passed 😓 (I’m writing in green) IMG_869B30810C2A-1

With that being said, her funeral is scheduled to be on Saturday, November 3rd, so I will be home indefinitely on November the 2nd. Extremely bittersweet – that’s all I have to say about that right now!

One other reason this week has sucked:  a co-worker of mine quit and she was my go-to; my help when I was out of the offie, my sounding board, my friend.  But she’s doing something that will give her more advancement, so I am happy for her, but it’s going to be weird without her.

On to the more juicy topics:  last weekend, I had a date with one guy, then a date with another guy, then date with first guy, then second guy, then first guy again – five nights in a row!!! Talk about confusing……it was really tough to remember which guy I had which conversation with 🤔 thank goodness, date #2 has been on a work trip all week, or I’d really be thrown off. Each are great in their own way, but I’m leaving in two weeks (#storyofmylife) so it doesn’t matter either way!



Anyway, one of the guys took me to the Cole Swindell concert and we had an absolute blast!  His company had box seats and there was plenty of room to dance like we knew what we were doing. I was listening to country music, feeling like I was home and having a blast, it was a night I’ve been longing to have!

(Noted: do not wear that dress and take a picture at that angle again!😳)


It’s been another great week living in the city (other than information posted above – which to my defense, happened after the series of events mention below) I took Jackie out for her 40th birthday – her ankle is still torn up and the guy who helped us never responded to my message, but she had an amazing birthday dinner with a new guy she’s interested in dating and I cannot be more excited for her!!

I went to a Ladies of Lager event – and to be honest, every time I go to these events, I think “ugh, I have no desire to be social and entertain conversations” but EVERY TIME, these girls make me feel so welcome and I have a blast and immediately regret being so negative before I go!

Icing on the cake:  I finally got to go to the Byrd Theater – I’ve been dying to go here since I moved up here. It’s the equivalent to Florida Theater in Jacksonville, although they play movies. We went to see Friday the 13th.  The movie was S-T-U-P-I-D. I’ve never seen it before, but that was probably a blessing in disguise because it was legit HORRIBLE, I almost walked out and left after an hour of the movie.   IMG_1685

I was so excited taking this picture, not so excited about an hour later when I realized how much the movie sucked!!! (But seriously how pretty is this theater!!!)


Anyway, I’ve spend most of my night typing with one hand….because of this…..left hand is OOC (out of commission).

Maybe no more exciting with vodka, but to my defense, I was typing with one hand!




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