Over Cocktails

One more week and I’ll be crying my way back to Jacksonville. I am excited to see all of my family and friends, but I am DEFINITELY not ready to come home for good.  This city has really captured my heart, but sadly work calls and I have to go back to where the rest of my heart lies.

I have made great friends, gone on endless dates and ate/drank my way through the city adding a couple inches to my waistline and depleting my wallet, but it was all worth it.

My parents are coming in town this weekend and we are going to do some fall-like activities which includes the pumpkin patch and heading to the mountains to see the colors before I take the trek back to 80 degree weather.

  1. Last Friday I went to happy hour at Kreggers with a guy I’ve been seeing, it had a menu that left me salivating, however, the chicken fingers were raved about online and I had to try them myself.  They were good, but will definitely be trying something else on the menu next time! Regardless, it was a great night siting by the fire and, because we walked up there, we hit every bar along the way and had an absolute blast while we stumbled home.  This is the reason that if I choose to move up here, I will definitely live in the Fan again, it is so fun to have so many restaurant/bar options within walking distance.

  2. Went to the Pumpkin festival with my sister and Jack on Saturday and then headed to Bar Solita  for dinner.  The weather was perfect and it was an absolute blast hanging with my favorite nephew/sister for the day!
  3. THE TRUTH WITH ME AND BOWLING:  I am either really good at the start of my game and ending horrible or really horrible starting, but ending great – I am NOT consistent AT ALL!!! But I always love it and when Brian suggested we got to River City Roll  on Monday night, I was ALL IN. The game started with me getting a STRIKE, 9, SPARE, STRIKE, STRIKE, and him barely breaking 35! However, it went downhill (for me) there and my game ended at 117 – beating Brian who finished at 81. The next game was a bit closer (85 – Pip; 89 – Brian) and the final game I lost big time (90 – Pip; 123 – Brian). All-in-all, total scores – he beat me by ONE point!
  4. I was DEVASTATED when I walked in to one of the places I just had to-go-to before I left and they didn’t have the taco I was craving. Boka Tako is a food truck (I think it still is at least) turned brick and mortar and I had been looking forward to the Buffalo chicken taco all day, only to go in and it wasn’t on the menu anymore.  I almost walked out, but I’m so glad I convinced myself to stay. I ordered the Bulgogi Beef taco (marinated in garlic, ginger and sesame-soy) as well as the Sambal Pork taco (braised with guajillo and Mountain Dew) and each were equally as amazing!

    I’m not normally a food picture-taker, but I had to this time!

    5. I am not posting all of my blogs to Facebook or IG, so click here, if you missed yesterdays post about vitamins and what you can do to ensure you are getting all the vitamins your body needs, plus a code for $40 off.  Vitamins

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